Flush the Fashion Music Sampler Sept/Oct 2011

It seems like ages ago since we did our last Music Sampler. The latest one I think is our best yet. Featuring some great artists recently (or about to be) featured on Flush the Fashion it’s the perfect way to relieve the symptoms of ISRS (or iPod Shuffle Repeat Syndrome).

Music Sampler Sept

There is a good chance you wont have heard of (m)any or any of these groups and musicians, but that is to your advantage. It’s like trying a new flavour of ice cream, you haven’t got to make it, you just have to lick it. Here is a quick rundown of the artists appearing this time.

All the tracks have a sort of Folky / Country / laid back feel so if you have a wooden porch and a rocking chair you will love them.

deers band Deers Sunday Best
Norfolk based Deers have Two Lead Vocalists and 3 Guitarists an unusual combination, but one that has so far produced 2 excellent and eclectic EP’s. With big label interest and a growing reputation as a great live band the future looks promising. You can read our interview HERE

more hazards more heroesMore Hazards, More Heroes – Romans
A pair of musicians based in Nashville (left), they are more folky than country, and they’ve been on my stereo constantly over the last month. You can read more about them HERE (or download the whole of their album for free on their website), just make sure you buy them a beer when you see them.

sarah lee johnny_irionSarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion – Never Far from My Heart
Folk-rock royalty husband & wife duo Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion’s (right) were introduced to each other by Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, their amazingly beautiful new record is called Bright Examples, Sarah is the grand-daughter of Woody Guthrie so music is in her blood.

They are on tour in Sep / Oct check the tour dates here.

magic lanternThe Magic Lantern – Somebody Told Me
North London born The Magic Lantern (left) take their reference points from a different era. A time when Jeff Buckley and Bert Jansch were the gunslingers in town not JLS and G*G*. Bob Harris and Tom Robinson are big fans, and so are we.
Read our interview with them HERE.

blind atlasBlind Atlas – My Proud Mountains
Partly originated in the US but now based in Manchester England, Blind Atlas are by no means your usual Manc Oasis / Smiths copycats. Their press release sums it up better than I ever could. “A combination of the traditional melancholy of the classic Northern sound with the boozy soul of American alternative country, think Ryan Adams fronting The Black Keys, or perhaps Fleet Foxes with a Led Zeppelin fixation (told you). Look out for a FTF feature on the band v soon. This song was originally written and recorded by Townes Van Zandt.