GoldenEars: Harman AKG K3003 Earphones

What do you get the man who has everything?

Well if you name is David Beckham there is a fair chance you might find a pair of these AKG® K3003 earphones in your Xmas stocking this year.

Harman AKG earphones K3003

Aimed fairly and squarely at the affluent music aficionado these precision made state-of-the-art Earphones don’t come cheap and the retail price is expected to be around the £1,000 mark.

Designed and made in Austria (that will always adds a few quid) and individually numbered, thanks to a three-way earphone the K3003’s are supposed to replicate the sound experience being centre stage at a live concert.

Am not sure about you but for £1,000 I would expect to be sat on the stage anyway!

We haven’t tried them (YET), but the AKG Q460 Headphones we tested not so long ago were excellent and they were only £80, so if these are 10 times better they will be AMAZING!

Incidentally if you can’t wait til they launch later in the year you can always nip over to Paris where they are on sale at ultra chic fashion store Colette (get me a pair too while you are there).