Music: Sam Willis & O Emperor

Matthew Cooper takes a quick look at a couple of acts coming up on the radar next month.

Sam Willis – Foxglissandro
Now early studies show that Sam isn’t related to Bruce, but we can let that slide because the sounds he produces on Foxglissandro are bliss. Just because it is ‘electronic’ or ‘artificial’ or whatever doesn’t mean it has to be noisy and offensive, it can be whatever it wants.

Foxglissandro is anything but noisy and offensive, which I love. There is so much going on in the mix here but yet it all fits tightly like a well-tailored suit. A superbly tight sounding track, subtle enough to be listened to just about all the time.

Foxglissandro is taken from the debut album Winterval out on November 5th.

O Emperor – Erman Gou
Before you start reading this watch the video (below) and if you don’t enjoy that little trip then well, er, we can’t help you. O Emperor have already toured with Mumford & Sons who, as I am sure you know are halfway to conquering the planet right now.

That’s where the comparisons end though as they are from more of a Pixies kettle-of-fish than mere beards and cardigans.

The band make there UK debut on November 19th with double A side ‘Electric Tongues/Erman Gou’