Music: Purple – ‘409’

Purple 409

Hooks, licks, yelps & screams! These are definitely my favourite things.

The doom laden winter darkness has dutifully set in, and we languidly stumble around in the cold shadows looking for skulking sockets to plug in our SAD lamps of lustrous hope. But as the beacon tries to stubbornly work it’s virtual seasonal magic, warming our psyche from the outside in, we’d be far better off sticking on the newly released rawkus debut album ‘409’ from joyous Texan punk/indie garage rockers ‘Purple’. This ridiculously great/fun inaugural album has the confident Texan sun soaked into every single note throughout it’s 10 songs party stretch, and will make you glow better than a bath of Ready Break.

Screaming rather than hailing from Beaumont, South-East Texas, the tracks bounce off the album like Tigger’s party compilation album after discovering punk (particularly female lead) for the first time. With a youthful impetuous glee rendered not only in the songs but drummer Hanna’s (also main vocals) rapturous bronco riding drumming style, picture Animal (the Muppets) having the time of his life, whilst being electrocuted every few minutes. With Taylor (guitar/vocals) and Tyler (bass) supporting with riffs and noises aplenty, they are an absolute joy to behold live and join in the good vibes with.

Wonderfully brash, playfully cocky/fearless and refreshingly impetuous, sounding like what the Pixies could have been if they’d boarded at beach parties their entire formative years. Adding into the aural party punch bowl is splashes of White Stripes, Hole, Elastica, Kenickie and even Transvision Vamp (though you probably don’t remember them, but I loved them), all leading to a bloody great album and an even better night out. Get the album and 100% GO SEE THEM!


409 by Purple is out now. Check out for tour info.

Steve Clarke

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