Concert: Lindsey Stirling Rises Above at Express LIVE!

Photos courtesy of Harry Acosta — Website | Instagram | Facebook

The second most inspiring performance I’ve ever seen happened just last week. Wayne Coyne, of the Flaming Lips, explained how Yoshimi Versus the Pink Robots was really about seeing a friend who is focused on doing something impossible; and that no matter what, “You don’t tell them they can’t do it”.

Lindsey Stirling has been told she can’t do it, on a much more public forum. The way in which Lindsey danced around the stage, addressed the audience, and of course played the violin was exciting and entertaining. She expressed the human side of her music and her own vulnerability. To understand the obstacles that she has overcome to do so is inspiring.

Some would be crushed to hear the criticism. Some people are motivated by it. When my sister was in her twenties, her doctor told her, she’d never have children. Now she has six. You simply cannot tell some people of any limitations. They believe in themselves more than they believe in your words.

The scene for Lindsey’s second song Moonlight Trance is set in a gravesite battling skeletons in the dark. She uses her music and positivity to defeat her fears among a setting that has names like Nora Grets and Piers Morgan. She hides behind one stone at first, but finds the courage to defeat her monsters on stage.

You know that concert photographer that you always wish you could trade places with during your favorite show? Did you know that most of them don’t get paid? You probably didn’t know that because most of us are too proud to tell you this. We’re not open about the trials that we have. Lindsey Stirling, on the other hand, opened up about her anorexia a decade ago, and how it she found a way for it to bring out the best in her. She has found a way to turn her turmoil into positive experiences, and translate into her vocal

Through the last 3 years her best friend & father passed away. Wether you want to call it magic, God, or the universe, she says, there have been key moments that have reminded her that they’re still with me.

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Photos Courtesy of Harry Acosta Photography — Website | Instagram | Facebook