Jess Mills – Live For What I’d Die For

jess mills

iTunes is a funny old thing…

You know when you put it on random play?
Is that really random?

For some reason my iTunes seems to play some songs ten times more than others.
Sometimes that can be a good, take Jess Mills.

When I first heard her single ‘Live For What I’d Die For’ I wasn’t particularly blown away with it, but thanks to repeated listens courtesy of my iTunes I quite fond of it now..

What first got my interest in Jess was her cover version of The Cure’s ‘A Forest’, it’s poppy yes, but it’s not the usual throwaway pop you see those young kids downloading illegally or following on Twitter.

She has just signed a deal with Island Records and with influences ranging from Portishead to Radiohead her debut record out later in the year could be well worth a listen (even it is only randomly).

You can see her at loads of festivals in the summer..including this weekend at Lovebox.

16/07 – Lovebox main stage (solo show)

23/07 – Secret Garden Party w/ Leftfield Live

30/07 – Camp Bestival w/ Breakage Live

20/08 – Pukkelpop festival, Belgium w/ Breakage Live

23/08 – Amnesia, Ibiza w/ Breakage DJ set

09/09 – Bestival, Isle Of Wight w/ Breakage Live

Here is a great interview Jess did with Intruders TV recently.

For more info visit..

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