In At The Deep End: Jacuzzi Boys

No, they’re NOT a troop of musclebound exotic dancers strutting their stuff at hen parties across the north-east of England, The Jacuzzi Boys are guitarist/vocalist Gabriel Alcala (right), drummer Diego Monasterios (middle), and bassist Danny Gonzalez (left), from sunny Miami, Florida.

Their new record Glazin is a raw slice of post-Ramones good time Rock n’ Roll, and they will be in the UK later this month for a handful of gigs.

We could have asked them lots of questions about the meaning of life, philosophy, but that would have meant taking an intellectual step neither myself or the band were capable of on a Friday afternoon. So we went for a quick fire quiz, much easier.

The Jacuzzi Boys interview

Leather or Denim?
Diego: I would go with leather;) because I don’t really like to wear denim. Plus leather makes me look sexy.
Danny: Denim! Without it I’d be lost… It’d be pretty awesome to pull off some leather pants though!
Gabriel: Denim. My favorite article of clothing is my jean jacket. Hands down.

Boxers or Briefs?
Diego: BRIEFS FOREVER!!! Boxers are the worst thing ever invented.
Danny: Briefs. I think I tried boxers in high school for a bit thinking it was the “cool” choice, but f*ck that, I hate ’em.
Gabriel: Briefs. Boxers are too loose for the goose.

Steak or Salad?
Diego: Steak-1 Salad-0
Danny: A good steak beats just about anything.
Gabriel: Steak Salad!

Blondie or the Ramones?
Diego: Ramones blasting in the car all night!!
Danny: Ramones, but just like a good steak, they beat just about anyone as well!
Gabriel: Ramones! Although I can really dig on some Blondie, the Ramones are just perfection!

Blonde or Brunette?
Diego: Brunettes are the sexiest.
Danny: It’s all good!
Gabriel: Brunette. Sexier

Mick or Keith?
Diego: Keith is the coolest.
Danny: I say Keith! I’d rather hang out with him for sure.
Gabriel: Damn, I have to go with Mick.

Chinese or Italian?
Diego: I can’t decide so….Next question.
Danny: Chinese. Leftover fried rice is the best!
Gabriel: Chinese. Chinese food for hangovers is the best.

Boobs or Bum?
Diego: I would always take a nice booty with no boobs over a pair of nice boobs with no booty.
Danny: I love a butt, but again, it’s all good!
Gabriel: Bottom heavy! I love both though, obviously.

Facebook or Twitter?
Diego: Facebook and twitter
Danny: Between those two, these days it’s FB, but I used to hit Twitter heavy! It’s really all about Instagram though!
Gabriel: Twitter. I don’t have a Facebook.

Apple or PC?
Diego: I have a PC but it sucks so apple.
Danny: I’ve only ever owned Apple. PCs make me feel like I’m doing school work or something.
Gabriel: Apple. P.ure C.rap

Jacuzzi Boys interview

Seinfeld or Friends?
Diego: I never watched either so none.
Danny: Seinfeld, I never watched friends.
Gabriel: Seinfeld. That one’s easy.

Coke or Pepsi?
Diego: Coke ’cause it’s my dads favorite.
Danny: Coca Cola is the classic, but I can definitely enjoy a Pepsi!
Gabriel: Coke… Pepsi is Coke’s boring cousin

East Coast or West Coast?
Diego: East Coast FO-EVA
Danny: Lately I feel a connection to the west.
Gabriel: I love both coasts, but I’ll go with East.

Connery or Moore?
Diego: Sean Connery cause I loved him in The Rock with Nick Cage:)
Danny: Sean I guess, but not really a big Bond fan.
Gabriel: The Conn Man!

Gaga or Madonna?
Diego: I have a huge crush on Lady Gaga so Madonna loses. Although I really like her fake English accent.
Danny: Madonna! I love Madonna! No competition there
Gabriel: Present: Gaga Past: Madonna 

Simpsons or Family Guy?
Diego: Simpsons all the Way, Family guy is boring.
Danny: Simpsons all the way! Don’t know if I’ve ever even really watched Family Guy.
Gabriel: Simpsons never got old. Family Guy got old quick!

Shower or Bath?
Diego: I don’t know why, but baths suck. Showers are the best.
Danny: I can dig a bath from time to time, but really a shower is where its at! Stepping into a nice shower is a beautiful feeling.
Gabriel: Bath with Mr. Bubbles!

Ok, so what have we learned? Hmmm not much really, none of them watch Friends, and most surprisingly no-one picked Roger Moore as their favourite James Bond. Still, they are young and they’ll learn.

For more info and UK tour dates, check out They also have a pretty cool Tumblr here

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