Hafdis Huld – Synchronised Swimmer

Hafdis HuldHafdis Huld’s record Synchronised Swimmer’s has been out for a while now, but I missed it originally and it is a lovely slice of Scandanavian pop.

When you get tired of all that noisy stuff give it a spin. It is total pop (that is a good thing!), and I swear the headphones kissed my ears at one point.

Try listening to Synchronised Swimmers on a long car journey across the Highlands of Scotland on a beautiful spring day. If you can’t do that, try it on your stereo at home while eating Eggy Bread (or French Toast if you are posh) on a Sunday morning about 11 am. Preferably with a sea view.

Or, if none of these are possible, put it on your iPod close your eyes and forget you are on the tube to work.

Hafdis’s career started as the singer of Gus Gus, since then she has been an actress, worked with Tricky and won a cupboard full of awards in her native Iceland.

Phil Jupitas described her on his radio show, as his “most mental guest”, perhaps it is just that ‘quirky’ gene they seem to have in Iceland… Too much fresh air.

What are you up to at the moment?
I just got back from Sweden where I have been writing for a week, and now I am trying to get rid of this horrible Swedish flu I brought home with me. As soon as I stop sounding like Darth Vader because of the cold I have I will start recording some new songs.

What is your fav song on the record?
It changes, depends what kind of mood I am in. Right now I think it is Vampires because it is a cosy staying in song and the weather here is horrible at the moment.

Where do you get inspiration when writing songs?
Mostly I get my inspiration from strange situations and interesting characters in real life.

Who are your musical heroes?
Dolly Parton and Burt Bacharach.

What was it like touring the world with Gus Gus when you were still only 15, was it a big eye opener?
I was 15 when I joined the band and 16 when I first played a gig abroad. I remember finding it very exciting to visit all these places I had only seen in films and TV shows. It helped me realize that I wanted to make music my future career. But I also found out that I didn’t want to make electronic club music, that wasn’t really my thing.

Have you ever considered following Sigur Rós and inventing your own language?
No I can safely say that I have never felt the need. The stories in my songs are an important part of my music and that wouldn’t work so well in a made up language.

Do you get a lot of groupies hanging around after shows?
Ha ha I don’t think groupies is the right word, my shows aren’t exactly rock ‘n roll. But I have some very loyal fans.

Hafdis HuldHow did you end up working with Tricky?
He was looking for someone that sounded as innocent as Jesus he said. And saw me singing my song Tomoko on TV and thought I sounded like that.

Where is the best place to eat lunch in Reykjavík?
My favorite lunch place is the organic soup place in the Reykjavik Art Gallery. The food is lovely and you can watch the ships in the harbour during lunch.

What are you up to for the rest of the year?
I am promoting Synchronised Swimmers abroad and then writing and recording my third album.

In the summer I also plan to grow some vegetables and walk on mountains and bake lovely cakes.

There is a great track from Hafdis on the March Flush the Fashion Free Music download sampler, click here for more info.

Look out for her series of online concerts (I like the Xmas one from her kitchen in Iceland), you can follow Hafdis on Twitter here or on Hafdis’s website www.hafdishuld.com

Pics by Bertrand Bosredon www.cafedumonde.net