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Goldheart Assembly

The great thing about Flush the Fashion is although we try to keep vaguely abreast of the times as far as new stuff goes, we’re a bit like Willy Wonka’s Great Glass Elevator, sometimes we go up, sometimes we go down… and sometimes we go side to side. If something is good we place no importance on when it was made or released or cooked or erm… anyway..

Goldheart Assembly released Wolves and Thieves last June, and I think it passed alot of people by, which is a shame because it is a bit of a gem. They are currently working on new material, this time as a five-piece after band member Dominic Keshavarz jumped ship last year.

We caught up with lead vocalist / guitarist John Herbert (pictured) ahead of their forthcoming London show.

What are you up to at this very moment?

Watching the news.

Have you been working on ideas for new material, since recording the first album?
We’ve been working almost consistently after recording. Even during the recording process it’s hard to stop writing new stuff, you never really know when or where songs come from so it’s not a process you turn off and on.

John from Goldheart AssemblyDid you learn a lot from recording the debut record?
Yeah, the recording process is something we hadn’t done before so we learnt everything while doing it. It was interesting recording in the steam engine museum, because while it throws up problems not using a studio, it makes you think differently about the process.

You have to use the space around you to get interesting results and hopefully you gain an atmosphere you wouldn’t get in a typical studio. I think we did a good job with limited resources, there are things i would change about the record, but that’s natural.

Do you have a producer lined up yet for the next record? If not who would you like to work with?
We don’t at the moment, I feel like we’re capable of producing ourselves, it’s always interesting though to have creative input from someone but i think this can come from anyone, not just a producer, family, friends, other musicians. There are a few people we would love to work with, Tobin Sprout, Elvis Costello, David Byrne. We’d quite like Paul McCartney to produce an album somewhere down the line. I’d like the idea of arguing with a Beatle.

Has Dominic leaving the band changed the dynamics in the band?
Whenever anyone leaves there is a period of readjustment. We loved the way he played and he certainly helped to define our sound. After he left the main difference in the dynamic was that suddenly there wasn’t someone around who you felt at times didn’t want to be there, which is good I suppose.

Who are your musical heroes and influences?
We’re influenced by pretty much everyone and everything, anything that provokes a response in us inevitably influences us. We’re usually influenced more by the music made by friends or the people we meet when we’re playing gigs, but of course there are heroes as well. Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Elvis Costello, Guided by Voices, Thee Single Spy, Pavement, The Fall, Go-Betweens etc.

If someone is new to the band what song should they should listen to first?
Kanga Roo by Big Star

What has been your best moment since being in the band?
Travelling around Europe was amazing.

You can catch Goldheart Assembly live at the Scala in London on the 7th April, supported by another excellent band The Crookes. I don’t care this is was released last June, or if the video is a bit weird, I love this song, so until the next stuff arrives, here it is!

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