Glastonbury Emerging Talent Day 3

Glastonbury 2011 Emerging TalentHere is part three of our guide to the best new music from the Glastonbury 2011 Emerging Talent longlist.

Today we feature ‘A Boy Called Doris’, ‘Edinburgh School for the Deaf’, The Little Unsaid and Spotlight Kid.

Music isn’t a competition but we’ll let you know who made it to the shortlist as soon as we know. You can get Flush the Fashion updates via email (see bottom of page).

A boy called DorisA Boy Called Doris

Comprising of Tony Bolton backed by hand-picked players from Manchester’s live music scene, A Boy Called Doris’ debut album ‘I Killed Doris’ presents a diverse (Cash, Eels and B52s inspired) journey through madness. Signed to Jucified Records Ltd and forged out of the formerly EMI-signed band, Doris features the same name but a different lineup. Whilst sharing many of the same aspects, A Boy Called Doris now features a darker, more soulful edge.

Interesting fact?
Lead Singer Tony Bolton, has been a compare at the Thirsty Scholar pub in Manchester for 8 years! He is the longest serving host in the history if the bar. Tuesday Tony – the best live music experience anywhere on a Tuesday!

Plans for 2011?
For 2011 we will mostly be trying to stay together, and in the meantime we’ll be putting together our second album, which is already written, but we are searching high and low for cash to record. I found 10p behind down my couch, as shiney as it is, it doesn’t seem to be enough (frowny face).

More info
@aboycalleddoris on Twitter

Edinburgh School for the deafEdinburgh School for the Deaf

Edinburgh School for the Deaf are a band trying and failing to capture all the ephemera that passes them by. Come and watch them flail about as they try and cram the melody into feedback and clatter.

Interesting Fact?
Our bass player has more pedals than our guitarist.

Current / Forthcoming releases
We are releasing a single on Bubblegum Records’ digital release  “For singles only” which is called ‘Orpheus Descending’ out end of April. Our album ‘New Youth Bible’ is also out on Bubblegum in June.

Who are your influences?
Everything in, good stuff (hopefully) out.  We want to express as much love for The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and The Ronettes as we do for Faulkner, Godard and Zidane.

Plans for the rest of 2011 ?
Releasing the single and album, going on tour, writing songs and deafening ourselves.

More info

The Little UnsaidThe Little Unsaid

Who are your influences?
Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake ,Andrew Bird ,Björk, Junip, Ólöf Arnalds, John Martyn

Interesting Fact?
Each member of The Little Unsaid has, over the last twelve months, eaten their own body weight in butternut squash.

Current / Forthcoming release:
Someone Else’s Lullabies‘ – Debut Album, ‘Into The Faceless Night‘ Single to be released 24th March, album to be released later this year

More info
@thelittleunsaid on Twitter

Plans for the rest of 2011?
2011 is the year of the festivals for us… and the second album. In the new full band line up we’re going to take the music to as many people as we can. After last years success at Glastonbury we’re looking to go to as many festivals as is humanly possible and then do a few gigs in between as well.

We’re already on the way to recording the second album which is going to be a progression from the acoustic, folky feel of the first to reflect where we are as a band and what we’ve been influenced by over the last year… Then it’s Christmas so just drink and be merry.

Spotlight kidSpotlight Kid

Six piece shoegaze pop band from Nottingham we blend wall of noise guitars with ethereal vocals of Katty Heath and Rob McCleary. Been described as“sounds like M83 landing on the moon with Neu! playing in the background”. Drowned In Sound

Current / Forthcoming releases
The album was recorded at Christmas and is currently being mixed. We are looking at putting out a single in the next couple of months. The album should be ready any time now!!

Interesting Fact?
We don’t sound like Captain Beefheart.

Who are your influences?
With 6 members we have a lot of different influences, we like new stuff, at the moment a couple of us are into newer bands like Soft Moon and Minks. We get a lot of comparisons to early creation bands which we don’t mind at all.

More info

Plans for the rest of 2011?
Release the album, play as many gigs as possible….win the emerging talent competition??

Look out for more brilliant music from the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Longlist later, or listen to some more from the list here.

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