From Corsica with love – Francine Massiani

Francine Massiani A change is as good as a rest they say. I like to go on virtual holidays now and again. Stay the night in the spare room and pretend it’s a hotel. You know the sort of thing. Sometimes I enhance the mood by listening to a foreign radio station. I did this one night and came across Francine Massiani.

I loved the music (and change of atmosphere), so much I tracked her down and through her translator managed to get an interview.

If you are from Corsica you will know all about Francine Massiani. If you are not then it is ok, we have brought her to you.

What are your songs about?
On my first album ‘Donna fata’, all my songs are about love. Without love we are nothing. We need love to become something in this word, in this Universe. I think too that love, pure love, is the thing the World needs most today. I like to sing this feeling and I like to sing it in Corsican because this language, for me, is able to make my words sing and make images shine, more than any other language.

Who is in your band?
In my band, today, they are fabulous musicians… Jean-Bernard Rongiconi guitar and orchestration, Alain Bonnin on the piano, Philippe Pimenoff drums and Jean-Marie Giannelli plays Bass. For me they are the best musicians because we are very very connected.

They know what I think, what I mean and what I need when I perform my songs. On each note they are playing, they transcribe what I feel. Two of them, Jean-Bernard Rongiconi and Alain Bonnin, were playing in one of the most famous bands in Corsican i Muvrin i. But all of them are extra-sensitive persons.

With them each song on stage is a magical moment for me and this corresponds to my show named “Donna fata” that means “fairy woman”

All of my band are extra-sensitive people. With them on stage each song is a magical moment for me, that is why my show is called ‘Donna fata’ it translates to ‘Fairy Woman’

Are Corsicans romantic people?
Yes, they are… but most of them are complex people (laughs), they don’t talk about love. Most of the time they don’t talk about it because for most of people it’s difficult to express their feelings. Love is often wordless even if this feeling is strong between two people.

Do you need to have a broken heart to sing about love?
Noooo, absolutely no ! I don’t need to have a broken heart to sing about love. As I already said love is all. They are sad loves, happy loves, tragic loves, exiting loves… Love can be for a son, for a mother, for a friend, for a girlfriend, for all humans and all loves can be sang.

Do you have plans to sing in English?
No, I don’t have plans to sing in English. I’d love that, but finally it’s not a priority for me, it’s not my absolute goal. Of course, words are very important, because the sense is important, but the first thing that I try to make is Music.

Music is an universal language and when you make music, words and languages follow melody and harmony and in this way you can make understand what you are talking about… People have paid me compliments on my songs and have understood what the meaning is without understand my language. It’s amazing!

Do people recognise you alot in Corsica?
Yes, I guess you can say that, people recognise me in Corsica because, when I was younger I was always implicated in the world of Corsican song. In 2003 I won the “The Most Beautiful Voice of Corsica”, when I was only 17 years old. In 2006 I was part of the French X-Factor (Nouvelle Star) where I stayed for 13 weeks, most of Corsica voted for me!!

Francine BandI’m also well known for the duets I have done with other Corsican artists, and aIso for my acting. I am in a TV soap opera named ‘Hôtel Parad’Isula’ which has had some success. My latest record “Donna fata” (released in Nov 2010) was also well received in Corsica.

Where should I go if I visit Corsica?
You have to go everywhere in Corsica !!!!! All this island is beautiful and everything here is to see.. mountains, sea, forest, each village, each city, sunshine… all is serenity, silence, tranquility, all is wonderful!!

Do you like other types of music?
I like all music in the world. I like soul, blues, jazz, pop, folk music and I like Luciano Pavarotti as much as the Black Eyed Peas.

All music is good to be heard. When I was young I was remaking Dalida, Edith Piaf. Today I like Norah Jones, Corinne Bailey Rae, Katie Melua and more other….

Talking about Katie Melua I had the chance in 2007, to sing the Corsican adaptation of “Nine Million bicycles in Beijing” on the band Notte’s first album. It was a nice experience for me.

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You can find out more about Francine on her website
or on Facebook. Her latest record Donna fata is available on iTunes, VirginMega, Deezer and lots of other places too…