Flush the Fashion Music Sampler July/Aug 2011

There are some great tracks on our latest Flush the Fashion music sampler. This time we’ve gone electronic to bring you some of the best new artists, re-mixers and producers in dance music today.

Music Sampler

Madeon – Shuriken
He is 17 years old, he is French, he is also something of a man of mystery up to now. One thing is for sure he is an amazingly talented musician. Check out our interview here and watch him get to grips with a Novation Launchpad below.

Martin Solvieg – Hello (Charles Deluxe) remix
Here is someone with a bright future ahead of them. Having recently won a huge FL Studio Remix competition, Charles is currently busy working on a number of projects. You can read an interview on Flush the Fashion here.

Porter Robinson – Say My Name
Having just finished a US tour with Zedd and Skrillex, Porter will be back in the UK for shows very soon. We have an interview with the young DJ / Producer / star here.

Leaving Atlantic – Paradise (Radio edit AJ Remix)
Their brand new record ‘Strange New World’ is one of my favs of the year so far. A gorgeous combination of Bjork, Portishead, and Zero 7 complete with beautiful haunting vocals and fantastic musical landscapes. Check out our feature here.

No Hesitation – Dream Catcher
US DJ and producer 19 year old Mike Kenny of No Hesitation is another up and coming talent filling dance floors right now.
You can find out more about Mike at www.facebook.com/djnohesitation

You can also find a great mixed version on our Flush the Fashion Facebook Page.