Cold In Berlin

If you watching or reading this and it’s dark outside, be careful – its a bit spooky.

Cold in Berlin

Raised on a diet of Electric Wizard, Sonic Youth and Swans, Cold in Berlin come from a different place than most current bands, existing in a strange black and white world somewhere between Siouxsie and the Banshees, and the Most Haunted Live TV Show.

Following on from debut album ‘Give Me Walls’, their latest release the ‘White Horse EP’ is a throwback to pre-(pre)grunge, and as a result sounds different to virtually anything else around at the moment.

They gained a reputation for a powerful live show and are on tour in March, April and May. Look out for them at a venue near you, just don’t mention Tinchy Stryder and Dub-Step, (oh, and don’t go on your own).

Cold in Berlin are Maya (Vocals), Ad (Guitar), Bozley (Bass) and Alex (Drums).
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