Music: Cherry Pickles ‘Cherry Pickles Will Harden Your Nipples’

Attitude & Accents

There’s been some great new music swinging about of late, bringing a much needed distraction from the farce that ‘adults’ seem to be making of the world. We’ve mentioned a few on Flush, and there’s a few more in the release schedule that are shaping up 2019 to be REALLY bloody EXCELLENT.
Music is much better than your five a day apples and vegetables as it can nourish you far beyond that moment, fuelling your heart, soul, mind, memories, beliefs and loves. Of course we recommend you eating all the fruit ‘n veg too, as you’ll need you energy to be strutting like a good thing across the table tops and dance floors across the world.

Immediately enticing you off the couch for a cheeky little swing ‘n swagger on said table top is the joyous, rawkus, sultry 60s garage gem of an album that is the debut from Cherry Pickles ‘Cherry Pickles Will Harden Your Nipples’. With a wink, glint of an eye, cheeky smile (AMAZING album title) and catchy tracks to match every move, the wondrous partnership of Priscilla B (from Brazil) and Mimi B (Birmingham) mix up a world of late night smokey speakeasy tales that sound like the little sisters of David Lynch who had Velvet Underground’s Nico as a baby-sitter, who’s bedtime story technique involved watching endless grind house movies.
From the gleeful surfesque opener of ‘Elvis Exorcist’ to the beautiful swagger of following ‘El Fantasma’ within the first two tracks we get a vast spectrum of the capabilities and wonderful multicultural influences behind this new dynamic duo that are creating brilliant tracks that are stripped down to the barest of elements. Not only does this make it sound brilliantly immediate and real, but also inherently vulnerable as in the case of ‘Jimmy The Werewolf’.

Cherry Pickles

This rawness not only removes any filters, each song immediately embraces you completely, but the lack of a polished finished brings a wonderful playfulness, which is wonderfully refreshing. It only adds to the vibrancy that pretty much all the tracks are around 2 minutes long, so nothing ever outstays it’s welcome, and there’s guaranteed to be a really catchy follow up like ‘Rapido’ straight after.

Besides all the carefree joy that permeates the entire album (even on the darker stuff) is the absolute compulsion to create, dance, sing, perform that is gorgeously contagious, and apparently it was all created using thrift store instruments, which goes well beyond any marketing gimmick, as you know immediately that this partnership could grab any object around them and have you swaying to their hypnotic lo-fi rhythms within seconds.

With that can do attitude, and fantastically contagious tracks not only do I hope they are around for a long time, score really bloody awesome movies, but encourage everyone who sees them to pick up, well anything really, and start making music, because this sort of joy is definitely the swagger vitamins we all need at the moment.

Cherry Pickles ‘Cherry Pickles Will Harden Your Nipples’ is out now on PNKSLM, check for tour details.