Annie Dressner- East Twenties EP

Annie Dressner is a New York born singer/songwriter but moved to the UK last year (I can’t imagine it was for our weather). Since then she has released her debut ‘Strangers Who Know Each Other’s Names’, and played many live shows both here and on the other side of the Atlantic.

Annie Dressner

The EP ‘East Twenties’ is her latest offering and it is a hugely loveable affair, and somewhat emotional rollercoaster.  Musically it resonates warmth throughout, while lyrically it can be quite the opposite wit The soothing sound of the instruments creating an immensely enjoyable and rare juxtaposition. Expressing her subject matter with an almost conversational style of delivery her music creates imagery and mood effortlessly.

‘Flame’ the shortest of all the tracks on the EP feels like the most fully formed song, elsewhere ‘I Can’t Forget’ and ‘Lost In a Car’ are both delicately crafted touching pieces even the most cold-hearted may warm to. ‘East Twenties’ is a nostalgic and gorgeous record that pulls on the heartstrings while the lasting effect is one of joy.

‘East Twenties’ is out now, for more info visit