Kent Crisps – from the Garden of England

We had so much fun reviewing the Walkers Crisps Comic Relief flavours earlier in the year, when I heard about Kent Crisps, a company launching a new range of crisps. I thought we should give them a try.

Kent Crisps - from the garden of England

Ashmore cheese and onionAshmore Cheese and Onion Flavour
Pete: Have you ever tried closing your eyes and guessing the flavour of a crisp? It’s not easy, but these are def Cheese and Onion, more cheese than onion. Am not sure anyone would notice if they swapped the Ashmore for a cheddar, or even a Wensleydale, but I really like them. Tasty! And not a million miles away from the new Walkers Crinkles Cheese Flavour (8 out of 10)
Dawn: Nice balance of flavours. (7 out of 10)
Total 15 out of 20

cider vinegarSea Salt and Biddenden Cider Vinegar
P: It’s quite difficult to talk about subtleties of flavours when it comes to a packet of crisps, but the vinegar flavour is just right and not too sharp.
If these crisps were a movie it would be The Cider House Rules.
(8 out of 10)
D: I like these, very moorish. Can I have another pack?
(8 out of 10)
Total 16 out of 20

sea salt flavourSea Salt Flavour
P: Its hard to get excited about Sea Salt Flavour crisps, it’s not that they aren’t good, but they are probably the last flavour I would pick out of choice. My Dad would like these the best. (6.5 out of 10)
D: Not too salty, I prefer simple crisps sometimes, especially with a glass of fine Italian wine (or Vimto). (8.5 out of 10)
Total 15 out of 20

Oyster and Vinegar Flavour Oyster and Vinegar Flavour
P: Out of all the flavours these were the ones I was looking forward to trying the most, I love Oysters, on the one hand they didn’t taste specifically like Oysters, more a generally ‘of the sea’ flavour and not really like anything I have had before, but on the other hand they were really gorgeous! My Favourite. (9 out of 10)
D: Hmmm not sure about these, I like em, they are a bit different, but I can’t put my finger on the flavour. (7.5 out of 10)
Total 16.5 out of 20

So there you have it, after scientific testing our favourite flavour was the Oyster and Vinegar ones, even if they didn’t really taste of Oysters! One thing about these crisps is they all tasted REALLY fresh, sitting somewhere in the middle of a Kettle chip and a regular crisp.

It’s nice to hear all the potatoes are grown locally, cooked by hand and without any artificial flavours or preservatives too..

At the moment the crisps are limited to outlets in the South East of England, but if things take off (and they should), you will see them in a pub or shop near you soon.. more info here