Sponsored Video: Titanfall: Expedition DLC

Titanfall Expedition

Great news for gamers who haven’t splashed out on the Xbox One yet (shame on you) Titanfall: Expedition DLC the awesome online expansion pack for Titanfall is coming to the 360 in June.

Included in the pack are three new worlds to kill and be killed in, here’s a quick look at what you get.

Titanfall Expedition

As the title may suggest, you’re deep in the forest and while much of the landscape is green, there are still plenty of obstacles, windows and sniper points to use as cover or points of attack. Fallen trees are useful bridges and there are dark caverns for all the happy campers out there.

Titanfall Expedition

There is a familiar air about the landscape in Runoff, the industrial interiors and military base atmosphere, is something we’ve seen before, but a nice touch is the water canals, potential killzones to foot soldiers and falling in can be a perilous activity that’s best to be avoided. It’s a good map for long range open battles, but for those armed with EVA-8 or CAR SMG head indoors.

War Games
Titanfall Expedition

Probably the best of the bunch, War Games is a mash-up of 3 original maps, Airbase, Rise and Angel City. Featuring endless corridors with tons of different height levels, plus hanging wall-running points, it’s a map for all styles of play and there is something for every player, whatever your preferred tactics.. The colours are pretty cool too.

For just £7.99 your getting a lot of bangs for your buck with standout map, War Games, probably worth the price alone. Trigger fingers at the ready….

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