Sponsored Video: Standby for Titanfall


When the Xbox One console was released in a blaze of publicity late last year, despite the large choice of flagship games available from day one including Fifa, Call of Duty and Forza there was another game on the lips of many expectant gamers…


Since then the hype has been snowballing to stratospheric proportions. Publishers EA have been fueling the fire with a series of teaser trailers, and finally the game is here.

So has it been worth the wait?

In a word, Yes. The graphics are good, but where Titanfall really excels, is in it’s play-ability. Respawn Entertainment have skipped the single-player campaign completely (there is a short Multiplayer Campaign) and gone straight for the multi-player team action jugular. By focusing on the core strengths of this genre they’ve been able to devote more efforts into what most gamers spend their time doing; ie, playing with their friends online.

In terms of game-play they’ve worked hard on developing the traditional FPS into a wider forum, and on Titanfall this includes wall-running, allowing the gamer to explore areas above floor level allowing a greater sense of freedom to boot.

The game is set in the near future and there is a choice of three Titans to play as. Zippy Stryder, middleman Atlas and Ogre, each one having it’s own characteristics and style. As far as weapons as concerned there is a good choice, but try the Smart Pistol, with its multiple enemy auto-targeting it’s definitely the choice of the street-wise Titan about town.

There are plenty of battlefields to choose from too with 15 maps and five different game modes; Hardpoint Domination (similar to Conquest mode in Battlefield Earth), Attrition (team deathmatches), Capture the flag, Pilot Hunter (earn points for killing Pilots) and Last Titan Standing.

The game is blisteringly fast and goes some way to showcasing the Xbox ONE’s incredible power capabilities. Just when you thought the genre had reached a plateau, Titanfall takes the online first-person-shooter to a whole new level.

***This post has been sponsored by EA Games but all thoughts are our own**