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Battlefield 4

What can you say about the latest installment of this hugely successful first-person shooter series?

battlefield 4 trailer

Well, admittedly it’s not been without its teething problems. In the days after release some gamers were reporting issues with online gameplay, and it took Swedish developers, EA Digital Illusions a couple of patches to get things really ironed out properly.

Now the dust has settled, the good news is Battlefield 4 is a first-person shooter of the very highest order. Released on all formats, the Next-Gen console versions take advantage of the extra processing power with both hands, but if you’re buying the 360, PS3 and PC versions, the game still hits new highs in terms of graphics, sound effects and realism.
Particularly strong online in multi-player mode, Battlefield 4 features some incredible new maps and inventive game-play that enables you to destroy virtually any part of your environment to gain an edge over your opponent. Think you’ve got cover behind that wall? Think again.

Vehicular combat, always an important part of Battlefield games is as good as ever, meanwhile the single campaign mode takes the ‘buddy’ experience up a notch from past versions. Add to this a greatly improved computer AI that will keep you on your toes at every level, and a cool scoring system that allows you to unlock guns based on your performance level and you’ve got a monster of a title.

Check out the trailer below

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