Game Review: WWE 13

Welcome back folks, to another year with the WWE gaming franchise and WWE 13. Now we all kind of guess what most of the relevant releases will be like when it comes to sporting franchise titles. This time though, Yukes and THQ have joined forces in another tag team special to further the experience of WWE sports fans, with the help of the Predator Technology 2.0 engine.

WWE 13 Game Review

Following on from its predecessor in WWE 12, 2.0 has been given doses of adrenaline and evolved to bring more fluidity in game. This really shows, in general movement, transitions & right the way through to the 300+ new moves that have been added, all thanks to this revamped engine.

WWE 13 Game ReviewWith the tech said, lets jump into the ring and wrestle through the rest shall we?
The difference this year as others is the mix up off the Season Modes, with Road to Wrestlemania thrown over the top rope and cast out in a royal rumble fashion. Only to be replaced with the delight of Attitude Era. Here we grapple along the timelines of the WWE in its battle for Monday Night supremacy over the WCW.

Set over 6 factions, with playable characters and groups from The Texas Rattlesnake “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to D-Generation-X. This by far is the standout mode in my eyes with all the nostalgia, grudges and monumental matches rising from WWE’s stunning history.

Alternately if you are looking for the more up to date roster and PPV events, then head on over to WWE Universe, where events can be simulated or played on the players discretion. Rosters, titles pretty much everything is up for customisation also. So if you want to bring in your own superstar or just have a mix up and play in a Vince McMahon role, just go crazy with it…

Touching on creativity, this year, has gained some mass to step up a weight class, with an immense amount of personalisation at hand with create-a-superstar, arenas, entrances and (some very interesting ways to create) special moves. I, as per usual spent a good amount of time in here, picking up some relatively easy achievements/ trophies. There is a lot at hand and attention to detail expands throughout the entire game, let alone on just how you want your avatars Movember-tash to look.

WWE 13 Game Review

There are a few points that shouldn’t be missed though with all the good comes some bad. Crowd reactions and voice mapping have been improved but at the same time still lack on what
the experience brings (especially annoying to me in Attitude Era the recorded pieces mention the past name of the WWF this is blanked out to just W W ….). Adding to the new engine notes,
there could be more improvement in the Predator, for the movement, but we shall see what any updates entail.

I’ve enjoyed the online experience, albeit, a lengthy wait to get a match (which I got schooled in). All the usual host glitches, lag etc all seemed fair and above board. Just my crummy skills to blame here…

eight out of tenInto WWE? Love Sports entertainment? Spend your hard earned pennies, load it up and have a brawl. I applaud the advances made and can really see the potential Yukes and THQ are bringing forward with their noggins strapped together. Lets just keep our ears pinned and eyes peeled for WWE 14.

Developed: Yukes
Published: THQ
Platforms: Playstation, Xbox 360, Wii
PEGI: 16