Game Review: Saints Row -The Third

Saints Row The Third

Volition Inc. & THQ have brought us to Steelport in the hands of the Third Street Saints. After the previous game ended in a violence and explosions, the Saints joined forces with Ultor Corp and transformed from a simple street gang into a multi media powerhouse.

In the proceeding 3 years they have all grown up. Energy drinks, movie deals, fortune and a massive following in this insane edition.

Playing as the ‘Boss’ the story joins up alongside previous characters Johnny Gat, Shaudi and newbie tag along Josh Birk (actor, researching his ‘role’ in the upcoming movie). The crew attempt to steal a banks vault in the opening mission, Birk (aptly named) sets off an alarm in the process, alerting SWPD.

Let’s say things don’t go to plan and once the dust clears the objective of the game is to rebuild the gang and the empire to their former glory.

A new approach has been brought to the table on the mission structure. Previously seeing separate missions for each rival gang concluding in the final mission. SR3 offers a tighter construction with all missions intertwined. Leading decisions of the player affect through the whole game, including alternate endings.

(Check out this cool trailer de-constructed video)

Without giving too much away its time to move away from the high octane, fast paced campaign, to land in WHORED MODE. Word plays from the get go this mode is survival/ horde based; defeating waves & levels with a colorful and strange array of enemies. Whether it’s giant women with big bazookas to gimps wielding massive purple dildo swords and multicoloured walking cats.

Guns, ammo and grenades are plentiful so wreaking havoc is always a must. Although it’s not horrendously long it offers a lot of difference and laugh out loud fun.

2011 titles have seen more and more heavily customisable characters and surroundings. THQ have a great custom engine in game that gives players a more free and in-depth feel to creating a truly unique avatar and gang. Pre built models are available to use if this side of the game is not your cup O’tea.

Game play has the open world (GTA type) freedom you would expect, third person views, multiple drivable vehicles (bikes to aircraft) all set on the streets.

Saints Row The Third Along with the main story come mini missions, games & activities, turf wars and generally causing chaos. Get carried away with it though and the ‘five-o’ will be over you like a rash (unless you like the challenge of course).

Graphics have a fresh and funky look too, you get the occasional pixelation if the game is not installed to the hard drive, but I like the whole comic / cartoon type textures & colours, giving a fictional feel. Keeping in line with the more humorous side the game offers.

For players who venture online there is a co-op campaign and whored mode. They are available locally as well, only by use of a code (with game/ purchasable) which must be activated to allow access.

The team decided to axe online multiplayer i.e. Deathmatch’ with a savvy shout too, mainly to save time, money and disappointment. Due to First Person Shooters taking most of all current online multiplayer gaming.

Nine out of 10Saints Row: The Third does a great job of filling the void Grand Theft Auto (its main adversary) left behind. This time THQ and Volition have delivered a much bigger game with easy to follow objectives & markers and it’s not too hard to pick up on the easier settings either.

If you like this sort of thing, it’s definitely worth picking up (at least until GTA V comes out).

Published: THQ
Developed: Volition Inc.
Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Onlive.
Age: 18+