Sponsored Post – World Baking Day: Carrot Cake with Walnuts, Banana and Cream Cheese -The Results!

As you should have read in my post regarding #worldbakingday, I’ve not had too much experience in the kitchen, especially when it comes to measuring things out correctly and being organised and disciplined. My approach has always been a bit more hap-hazard and erm, experimental, it’s probably the reason why I’ve tended to mostly steer away from baking up til now.

However, after today’s team effort (I had the help of two wonderful young assistants) for World Baking Day, I feel like I’ve turned a corner. We managed to create a cake that was not only delicious, but really easy to make too. We made our cake especially for Nanny Helen and as you can see from the photo she was pretty happy with the results. If you want the recipe for the Carrot Cake with Walnuts, Banana and Cream Cheese we made click HERE.

It’s motivated us to try something a bit more ambitious next time, but here’s what we’ve learned so far..

DON’T open the oven door until at least 5mins before you should (especially if you have a gas oven), no matter how tempting it is. All the heat will rush out and you could ruin everything.

DO wait until the cake is properly cooled until you attempt to put the icing on. Otherwise it will melt (a bit like ours did).

DO follow the instructions carefully, but DON’T be scared to make a few modifications in the name of art. We added an extra banana and turned our icing blue and yellow (with food colouring) to dramatic effect.

DON’T worry what it looks like, if in doubt put more icing on!

And.. last but not least, enjoy yourself!

This post was sponsored by Stork, but all thoughts (and cakes) are my own. For more info click here

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