Rapid Rashers – The Great Dane(pak)


Holland has it’s cheese, France has wine (and cheese), Italy has pasta (and wine and cheese)….

The map of Great Britain may look a bit like a tasty slice of middle cut bacon, but not even us brown sauce / bacon sarnie aficionados are as serious about bacon as the people of Denmark. It’s in their blood, like Death Metal and Lego and their bacon heritage can be traced all the way back to the Vikings.

Danepak, the name in Danish Bacon have been busy lately and they’ve come up with the dream ticket, ‘Rapid Rashers’. It’s bacon you can put in the microwave for 90 seconds and then it’s done. Ideal for a really lazy weekend brunch. Never has the phrase no-brainer been so appropriate in the kitchen.


They’ve also set up The Serious Bacon Club, a place where like-minded bacon lovers (79,000 of them!) can share, compare and declare their love of the crispy stuff – discussion topics have included ‘Bacon Air Freshener’, why didn’t I think of that? They’ve also launched ‘Great British Bacon Off’, like the cake one, but with.. yes, you guessed it!

You can join ‘The Serious Bacon Club’ on Facebook HERE > and watch more Bacon videos on YouTube HERE >

This is quite good fun too. Legendary YouTuber DaveHax has come up with something for those bacon lovers with a romantic side.

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