Product Review: Zingo – Exit on main squeeze

I’m not sure about you, but I’m really not a fan of cordial’s or fruit drinks. As a whole they’re far too sugary and strong and there always seems to be a worrying number of E-numbers on the (very long) list of ingredients.

zingo3I usually walk around with a bottle of water, but let’s be honest it’s not the most exciting drink in the world. That’s why I was interested in the Zingo, a new water container / citrus squeezer combined that allows you to mix real fruit with water.

I’ve been using one now for the last few weeks and I like it because you can just put an orange or lemon in one end, squeeze it, fill it with water and you have a fruit drink ready to go that’s not too strong, not full of crap and completely natural.

They recommend refreshing the water and removing the fruit at least every three days, but in reality you’ll it all up well before then anyway.

You can pick them up for £10.00, they’re well made and like all the best ideas very simple. I’d like to see a model with an integrated handle at some point so it could be used when going out for a run, other than that the Zingo is a nice product that’s def worth a look.

Available from John Lewis or on their website here