Food: Proper Corn – Crunch Corn

Once upon a time there were 3 snacks…

Crunchy crisps, nutty nuts and poppy corn. They all lived happily in the same town together. Nutty and Crunchy often went to the same parties, but kept their distance and they always hung out in separate bowls. Meanwhile Poppy, preferred to stay in, trips to the cinema being her only stops on the social circuit.

Then one day came Crunch Corn by Proper Corn. It was new, it was… different.

Crunch Corn by Proper Corn combines the crunchiness of nuts, the established flavours of crips and the core ingredient of Popcorn (ie Corn). Made up mostly of half-popped corn kernels you can eat them in the pub and you can eat them in the cinema. They’re the perfect snack for a Princess that’s been asleep for 100 years and could get estranged relatives talking again at that Xmas family party you’re planning.

In the name of true investigative journalism I took the plunge and tried all four flavours…..

propercorn-crunch-corn review

Rock Salt

THEY SAY>>> Keeping it classic and championing the crunch, this flavour is simply sprinkled with pink himalayan rock salt. With more than 80 minerals, this salt variation from Pakistan, adds a little more sweetness and depth.
I SAY >> Interesting flavour, it’s unusual but it could actually catch on. One question though, how on earth do you manage to half pop a piece of corn?

Salt & Pepper

THEY SAY>> Adding a bit of bite, this flavour is tossed with a mix of sea salt and cracked black pepper. The fresh pepper has less of a kick than chilli, leaving behind a warming level of spice.
I SAY>> Who knew popcorn could be so sophisticated? A good bridging snack until you are ready for the next one…..

propercorn-crunch-corn review

Sweet & Smoky Chilli

THEY SAY>> Combining a blend of chillies with a hint of smoked salt, this flavour builds to a subtle, sweet heat and surprises with a dash of lime.
I SAY>> Perfect with a beer, these are a real flavour explosion – actually you can hardly recoginse it as popcorn. It could be spicy gravel for all I know, but it is delicious!!

Salt & Vinegar

THEY SAY>> A new type of crunch but a familiar flavour, this recipe combines a dash of sweet and fruity cider vinegar, with sprinkling of sea salt.
I SAY>> I have to be honest, by this point my taste buds have been overloaded and it’s hard to make an accurate judgement. The vinegar comes through, it’s my least favourite of the lot, but I still finish the bag.

OVERALL – My fav’s are the Sweet & Smoky Chilli – not for the faint-of tongue. Proper Corn, Crunch Corn willbe something of a marmite snack, dividing opinion. Some will love them, some will hate them, but they’re definitely worth a try.

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Can’t wait to try these out later with a good movie! Thanks @propercorn

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All Crunch Corn flavours are available to buy in handy single serve bags for on-the-go grazing or in larger bags for sharing. OUT NOW!

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