Christmas Gift Ideas: Glen Scotia Whisky

I know…. it’s not even Halloween yet, but Christmas is coming and this year I’m determined to be organised and get all the presents before the traditional last-gasp-dash around the shops on Christmas Eve.

Single Malt Scotch Whisky has a special reputation globally, but Glen Scotia founded in 1832 is one of only 3 Distilleries based in Campbeltown (Wee Toon) that is still in production today. With a major investment by the Loch Lomond Group in 2014, Glen Scotia has thrived in recent years, focusing all their experience and passion towards making the best whisky in the world.

Glen Scotia 25 Year Old

48.8% ABV – £275
The Glen Scotia 25 Year Old is the oldest whisky in the collection and available in strictly limited amounts. The bottles are presented in an oak case, making it an ideal Christmas present for any connoisseur of fine whisky.

Its complex flavours embody the true spirit of the seaside town, with hints of salty sea breeze, tangy orange and juicy red apples mixed with caramel sweetness.

From initial maturation in the finest American oak barrels to finishing in first-fill bourbon casks that provide an intense depth and aromas that will have you almost feeling the Atlantic breeze blowing in over the Campbeltown coast.

Glen Scotia 18 yo

Glen Scotia 18 Year Old

46% ABV – £84.95
The latest whisky in the collection is the Glen Scotia 18 Year Old. This exceptional single malt was finished in Olorosso sherry casks and embodies the signature aromas of Campbeltown, with hints of vanilla oak interwoven with subtle notes of sea spray and spicy aromatic fruits.

The single malt imparts rich deep vanilla fruit flavours, with mild hints of apricot, pineapple and plump sultana.

Its finish is long and dry, with gentle warming spice  and is the perfect drink for a cold winter’s evening.

Glen Scotia Double Cask with Carton

Glen Scotia Double Cask

46% ABV – £36.99
Glen Scotia Double Cask is a classic Campbeltown malt representing a pedigree of whisky-making since 1832.

The whisky is matured in first-fill bourbon barrels before being finished in Pedro-Ximenez sherry casks, providing the perfect balance of spicy fruits, characteristic sea spray and vanilla oak.

One of the sweetest Glen Scotia expressions, on the nose, you will detect crème caramel, caramelised fruit sugars, toffee and fudge before scents of apple and peach come through.

The single malt has been recognised for its distinctive flavours across the globe, scooping gold medal awards at the San Francisco Spirits Competition and the Berlin International Spirits Competition.

The distillery also produces a fantastic 3 bottle gift set offering a taste of some of their blends, it’s an ideal Christmas gift.

Glen Scotia Giftpack

Glen Scotia Gift Pack

Gift an adventure to one of the great historic whisky-making capitals of the world with this specially created Glen Scotia Gift Pack.

Comprising miniature bottles of Glen Scotia Double Cask, Glen Scotia 15 Year Old and Glen Scotia Victoriana, each expression has its own unique flavour showcasing the very best of the Campbeltown distillery.

Glen Scotia Double Cask and Glen Scotia 15 Year Old display the traditional Campbeltown style, while Victoriana provides a peaty twist on the original. The set provides flavours of fresh citrus, vanilla bean and musky oak.

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