TV Review: Crazyhead

When Two Tribes Go To War

What is it about strong inspirational funny as hell amazing demon arse kicking awesome women? You wait for ages with no salvation, then two come along at the once, and just in time for the longer nights when the burning faced possessed ones want to rock their naughty nightmare thang. And life can be messy at the best of times, work, money, bills, relationships, lust, unrequited love, friendships, hangovers, finding decent dealers, irritable bowel, Pokémon Go, so the added stress of becoming a ‘seer’ (of said satanic rascals) can all be a wee bit much to take in.


Arriving into our dark evenings for the next six weeks like a demon therapist comes the absolute joy of ‘Crazyhead’ penned by the dark minded talents of Howard Overman who also created the splendour of ‘Misfits’. AND IT IS BLOODY AMAZING!!!! Based around the daily exploits of Amy (Cara Theobold, ‘Downton Abbey’) who is currently working in a zombie job as bowling alley attendant, and just living a relatively normal life, until she starts having something in her eye, namely the ability to see some not very nice peeps with burny faces and who are a wee bit possessed by evil, and like killing folk, especially those that can see them. This of course is a slight bit annoying and a tiny bit life redefining.

Thankfully Amy isn’t on her own and the incredible Raquel (Susan Wokama, ‘Chewing Gum’) steps up to the batting plate to unleash hell and demon brains all over the car park. Raquel is a seer too and has been living with it a while. She’s studied up on it all, well googled Wikipedia and is ready and VERY willing to unleash her scorn.

The beautiful thing about the series (well in episode one at least) is despite the veil of existence being shredded before their eyes and they’ve just been nominated as the potential saviours of humanity, the trials and tribulations of ordinary life still interfere and get in the way. Despite finding the inner fortitude of Ripley taking on the Alien Queen, the awkwardness of the kindling moments of a burgeoning friendship are beautifully written and hysterically played out by the two main characters. Oh, and there’s some fantastically mucky and liberating jokes going on too. But as a duo they are an absolute joy to watch.

crazyhead on e4

Added into the potion and as is the norm in life, folk change all the time, but when it’s your mates that have actually turned into demons it also adds another slight distraction to the day, especially when you just want to get your washing done.

The series really is brilliant fun, and as in as much as it’s about actual demons, it is tenderly also about our own demons in what we have to face up to in ourselves, our choices, decisions, indecisions and procrastinations (what weapons to choose)… and some really brilliant lewd but realistic jokes.

It all looks fantastic too, the VFX for the demons is excellent, the tension is great, comedy amazing, the cast outstanding and it’s an instant cult classic. It’s initially out on E4 but will be out on Netflix, where I’m sure it will explode across the globe, and it deserves to.


‘Crazyhead’ is out on the 19th October on E4 at 9pm.