Film Review: Comet

I’m not normally a Romantic Comedy Fan, I have a list a mile long with all the girly classics I wouldn’t touch with a barrage pole. saying that throw in the word indie and sci-fi and you may peak my interest. Love with quirks is where I dwell and Comet sounded quirky enough for me.

This is director Sam Esmail’s first feature film and it is beautiful. Dell (Justin Long-Dodgeball, New Girl) has a chance meeting with Kimberley (Emmy Rossum-day after tomorrow, Shameless) during a meteor shower. As the evening progresses we see flashes of the unlikely couples life/lives together; one cynical to the bone and the other sure of love as they zigzag through the years.

comet film review

There are wonderful dream like settings as Dell is remembering his time with Kimberley, a unique soundtrack and some fantastic cinematography that makes every memory look like a different era in both their lives and in time itself. Comet is an endearing set of snapshots of a couple that aren’t perfect, but are honest and believable.

There are shades of ‘Eternal sunshine’ and ‘500 Days of Summer’ neither idealistic films per say, but poignant as we know the path of love isn’t always smooth.

Some people crash into our lives like a comet; they leave debris, shrapnel and dents that we carry with us, never fully recovering we try to piece ourselves back together.

Comet is out now