Film Review: Night At The Museum: Secret of The Tomb

In this, the third (and final) installment of the Night At The Museum saga, nightwatchman Larry (played agin by Ben Stiller) has to deal with the unexpected and rapid corrosion of the ‘Tablet of Ahkmenrah” and with it, the loss of the magic that brings the museum’s exhibits to life every night.

In order to avoid potentially catastrophic consequences the usual suspects, Coogan, Wilson, Gervais, Robin Williams (in his final movie) et al head off to the British Museum in London to find Ahkmenrah’s parents and hopefully restore the tablet to its former glory. Cue comic adventures and general mishap all round.

During their adventures, Larry and his posse encounter some new faces, including Rebel Wilson as a very funny night watch(woman), Tilly, Ahkmenrah’s parents (Ben Kingsley and Anjali Jay) and a nice comedy turn from Dan Stevens as Sir Lancelot.

Tilly and Sir Lancelot both transpire to be fairly major characters in the film and there are enough funny one liners to keep the plot ticking along, but some jokes are dragged out a bit too much, something older audience members will find more irritating than the kids.

A special mention must go to Crystal the Monkey who (without spoiling the plot) managed to draw a tear from the corner of my eye during the final scenes.

NATM3 is phenomenally cheesy, but if you do happen to find yourself queuing up for cinema tickets with the family over Christmas there are enough chuckle-inducing moments to ensure that you have a mostly pleasant experience.

Night At The Museum: Secret of The Tomb is out NOW