Film Review: Eat Locals on DVD from 30th October

Jason Flemyng’s directorial debut ‘Eat Locals’ is an after-dark tale of vampires, the army and Annette Crosbie from ‘One Foot in the Grave ‘brandishing a serious piece of weaponry to deadly effect.

The assortment of vampires including Charlie Cox (Stardust, Daredevil) and Freema Agyeman (Dr. Who, Sense 8) arrive for their annual AGM at a secluded farmhouse to discuss potential new members and Brexit etc when they are rudely interrupted by a slightly non-cohesive military unit intent on killing the said undead and generally spoiling their fun before dawn arrives.

So, it’s basically Dog Soldiers with fangs and if you go with the flow it’s quite good fun. There is lots of blood, but it’s never too graphic and the tongue is placed firmly in the cheek. Some parts are a little stilted, but cameo performances from the likes of Ruth Jones(Gavin & Stacey, Stella), Mackenzie Crook (The Office) and especially by fellow Lock Stocker and Eddie The Eagle director, Dexter Flexter keep the enjoyment flowing and it’s a perfect ‘Saturday night DVD with a few beers’ movie.

It might just get overlooked at the Oscars and it’s bark is definitely worse than its bite, but there is enough glimpses from Flemyng’s direction to suggest he may be capable of grappling bigger projects in the future.

EAT LOCALS is out on VOD/DVD the 30th of October. Follow @EATLOCALS-FILM on Twitter

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