The Very Best Casino Movies Of All Time

Casino movies are some of the most diverse genres available. They encompass action, comedy and thrillers, which is why there are so many casino films that are loved by all of us. There is literally something for everyone and enough films to keep you busy on a Friday night.

There are the obvious films, Casino by Martin Scorsese and any James Bond films that centre around gambling/casino’s. However, here are some that you may not have thought of watching and here’s why they are perfect. If you love to play at online casinos, such as Intertops Casino, then these are the films for you.

Here are some of the best casino films of all time, that can’t be missed today.

2121 (2008)

21 has to be first on this list for the fact that it is a true story! The film follows an MIT student, who like many students finds himself in debt and out of money, however he has an unbelievable talent for maths.

He joins in a group of other highly gifted students who are part of a card counting group (if you haven’t heard of card counting, it is a way of cheating the Black Jack dealer so that you win big.)

The students get dragged into the dark world of casino cheating and soon find themselves in very deep water. With great acting from Lawrence Fishbourne and Kevin Spacey, this true story adaptation is a real classic and has a nail biting finale.

Oceans Eleven (2001)

Ocean's ElevenComedy, action and great casino fun – what more could you possibly want from a casino film? Ocean’s Eleven is the epitome of a long con film and if you haven’t already seen it, then you really have to.

The general consensus of the film, without giving away too much, is a group of con men get together to take on 3 of Las Vegas’ largest casinos and steal their money – simple right? Well like all things, there are some plot twists that you really won’t see coming, blended in with lots of footage of our favourite casino games, it certainly is a rollercoaster ride.

This film really does have an all star cast to match the excitement of the film. Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon take the lead, but you also have Julia Roberts and Andy Garcia pulling up the helm. With a cast like that, you have to expect greatness.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

Lock Stock & Two Smoking BarrelsOver to the UK for the next film and if you love some British humour then this will be the film for you. Mixed with some very bleak comedy moments and some edge of your seat showdowns, then you will love this film.

The story centers around a group of high stakes poker players, who manage to lose £50,000 in one night’s match. The trouble is, they don’t have the money to hand over, leading them to be put into some spine tingling situations.

If you love to mix humour in with action, then this is the film for you. Be warned though, this is a fairly violent film, so not suitable for children.

Honeymoon in Las Vegas (1992)

Honeymoon in VegasFrom British comedy through to an American classic romantic comedy, (yes you can create a romantic comedy centered around casinos!) What would you do if you lost all your wedding money in a poker match?

Well, you would fight to get it back. This classic romantic comedy follows one groom, who is a commitment phoebe, and his wife to be as they struggle to get their wedding under control. Hilarious and full of some lovely moments – the perfect feel good film.

The best bit, this is Nicolas Cage and a very young Sarah Jessica Parker at their best.