The Top Casino Playlist of All Time

It’s been a long time coming, but I have finally gathered all my music collections together in the hope of making the ultimate playlists of all time. These will be based upon my passions in life, fashion, summer and casinos. Each one deserves their own music and to do this I have had to delve into the back catalogues of musical history to bring you the best of the best.

Casino’s have given us some of the biggest thrills, smiles and heart thumping finales of all time. This is why this is going to be the first playlist I create. Much like the games themselves, this needs to be full of happiness, adrenaline and creativity.

Having recently moved into the world of online casinos, such as Casino Euro, I have grown more inspired each day, with the thrills, bright colours and party like atmosphere. So, here is the ultimate casino playlist for you to enjoy today.

The Prodigy – Voodoo People

OK, so I have started loud with this choice. This is the perfect song for those moments when you feel like your heart is going to beat through your chest.

Maybe you are down to your last hand, or you are waiting for that roulette wheel to stop, stick this song on and you won’t be able to stop dancing around the tables.


50 Cent – I Get Money

What casino playlist wouldn’t be complete without some classic hip hop about money and lot’s of it!

This will not only make you want to stay at the machines in the hope of winning BIG, but it will also make you head to the bar afterwards. The perfect money aspiration song.


Frank Sinatra – Luck be a Lady

Now for a classic. Luck be a Lady is part of casino culture and history and as so deserves to be named and played more often.

We all need some luck every now and again, especially when we are having a bad round. I for one, will want to carry on playing as long as this song is on in the background.


Daft Punk – Get Lucky

From the classic to the brand new. From Daft Punk’s latest album, Get Lucky is the ultimate summer party song and it’s all about luck – exactly what you need at the casino.

If you are in for the long haul, playing online all night, then this is one song that you definitely want playing in the background.


Billy Joel – Easy Money

A little soul, jazz and folk all blended into one song – perfect. Easy money is a great casino song for the pure fact that it is all about winning money and being lucky!

This will have you dancing around your computer and would make the perfect casino party song – a winner for everyone!