Introducing the 2013 Dodge Ram 1500

The 2013 Chrysler Dodge Ram 1500 embraces one of America’s most beloved values: choice. There are 11 trim level options and 3 body styles – the Regular Cab that seats 3, the Quad Cab that seats 5 to 6, and the Crew Cab that also seats 5 to 6 with more leg room. From the earliest Dodge Ram models, Chrysler has produced powerful, innovative technology in a fashionable and affordable package. The variety of options means you can tailor your truck exactly how you want it, giving you the most bang for your buck.

Dodge Ram

If you’re looking for a work vehicle, you could get the base model, Tradesman, with a standard 4.7-litre V8 engine. For use in wilderness areas, the Outdoorsman comes with LT265 on/off-road tires, front suspension and transfer-case skid plates. In total, there are 13 new 2013 models to choose from ranging in price from $22,590 to $47,420.

The improvements don’t stop with just the exterior. The Ram 1500 with the V6 engine has 42 per cent more horsepower and 13 per cent more torque than the old V6. The Hemi V8 has improved gas mileage by 20 per cent over its predecessors, which is something consumers can appreciate considering the rising price of gas.

One of the useful new developments is the 8-speed automatic transmission controlled by a heavy duty knob that operates between ‘Drive’ and ‘Reverse’ in addition to low gear buttons on the steering wheel.

There’s an optional air suspension system that is supported by 4-corner air springs to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics. The driver can manually lower the truck for bed loading.
With all the options that allow the consumer to put together the best truck to suit his needs, it’s clear that in 2013 Chrysler not only values the Dodge Ram’s ability to haul a load but also puts importance on a sleek style and comfort for the driver.