Top 3 Ways to Smarten Up Your Streetwear Look

In recent months, you have probably noticed the merge of two very different styles within menswear. Both streetwear fashion and luxury, tailored offerings are coming together in a unique manner, resulting in a modern and versatile look for almost any occasion.

For those who have been staunch streetwear fans for years, this may sound like an impossible task. After all, they have been at polar ends of the fashion spectrum for decades; the tracksuit versus the suit, the hoodie versus the blazer. 

So, if you are thinking about branching out with your streetwear style and adding a smarter element to it, here are just 3 ways that you can get started.

Adopt relaxed silhouettes, not baggy 

When streetwear first emerged back in the 70s and 80s, it was all about the baggy jeans and supersized hoodies. This created an oversized silhouette that was seen from coast to coast in the UK, from Californian skaters to rappers in Brooklyn. 

As streetwear has continued to evolve, the oversized trend is still a favourite, but it has scaled back somewhat. Baggy clothing is now more common amongst the younger generation, and is something that should be shied away from as you enter your late 20s and 30s.

A relaxed silhouette is a much better way of sharpening up your streetwear look; just that little bit more fitted in order to offer a more modern and smarter look. Think straight leg jeans and bomber jackets that are fitted without appearing tight, or a t-shirt with an oversized shirt layered on top.

Choose luxe fabrics

When streetwear originated, its wearers were falling off skateboards or throwing clothes on over swim shorts after surfing, with fabrics that you probably weren’t too fussed about. If you’re looking to up your game and adopt a more presentable look, fabrics are a quick upgrade you can make. 

Streetwear staples like hoodies, cargo trousers and even trainers have all been given a premium makeover for you to take advantage of. Former utilitarian fabrics are now much more luxe, with options like cashmere and jersey.

Upgrade to quality trainers

The biggest streetwear brands often drop new releases of trainers very quickly, which means your new ones can become uncool in a matter of months. It can become a costly hobby trying to keep up.

However, investing in quality trainers is one of the best ways to smarten up your streetwear attire. Clean, sharp designs can guarantee a box-fresh look that goes just as well with your suit as it does with your tracksuit.

Look for brands that favour material and quality over hype, and you’ll end up with a pair that will stand the test of time.