The Growing Trend Among Women Wearing Lingerie Outside In Public

If you are that conventional type, it may sound you shocking and unbelievable when it is said that there is a growing trend among the women to wear lingerie out of their bedroom and in public. Most women consider lingerie to be tricky, and this beautiful item can and is meant only to be worn in the bedroom or at the most within the comfort of the home.

However, the fact is that there is a significant and alarming for some people, change in the concept of wearing, or in fact, using lingerie. With the increase in the sleek slip dresses and lace bodysuits on the market, women are now sporting their lingerie as unique outfits outside of their bedroom to show them off to the world.

This is the modern way-to-go trendy that has given the ability to women to show their sporty and chic look to the people. It is no more an item appropriate for a night out but has also become a dress for the day time as well, of course, for the daring few, celebrities or common women.

How to wear lingerie 

The concept of wearing lingerie outside is primarily the result of the heatwave from which the women want to protect them. There are different ways in which you can wear underwear and beat the heatwave. 

Total transparency is one common way followed by trendy women. They have now opted out from choosing a solid fabric, which is a less breathable fabric. They are now more inclined to wear tops made of different materials such as:

  • Mesh
  • Crochet
  • Netting or any other porous material.

You can see right through this material when you hold it up. If you wear these tops with a bralette with coordinating color or pattern under it, there is no better way than this to chill out in the summer heat, which is rising with every passing year.

You can even suit up with a lace bodysuit to look sexier and trendier this summer. However, you will need to wear another layer under it to prevent the lace from showing your assets. You may use a lightweight bra for that matter. If you pair it with a black miniskirt and a lariat necklace, it will make you look super sexy.

You can even wear slip dresses with a bomber jacket and slinky minidress with sneakers. Add to that you can also wear silky pajama shorts lined with delicate lace and a loud print. If you can put it together nicely, it will give a crispier look. Worn along with a super breathable oversized button-up shirt, you will look most fashionable. Button the top few buttons and leave the rest to allow a triangle of your stomach to be seen and add more appeal. Wear a matching bralette underneath and a slip-on pool slides, sneakers, or comfy loafers with it.

Start styling better

Using your lingerie as outerwear, you can style even a better way by simply adding a few small accents to it. This can be anything such as:

  • A high-neck and strappy bra
  • A button-down shirt
  • V-neck or any other neckline and
  • A petticoat or a slip on the lower part that is slightly longer than the skirt of the dress.

There are lots of ways and ideas of making you look like a vintage beauty and make that romantic appeal trough your most luxurious transition.

Look at the fun part

Now, the fun part of it is that underthings are practically worn anywhere, of course, with something else over it. But, if you want to be daring and wear it, and only it, you will need to be bold, brave, and willing to adapt. You will also need to pair it nicely so that you do not look vulgar. There are a few specific steps to follow to create your own under-fashion look. These are:

  • Visualize what you want to create 
  • Find out whether it will be sporty or vampy, flowy or androgynous
  • Focus on the shape that you may have in mind
  • Choose all other elements that will complement it
  • Start layering and 
  • Treat it like any other regular clothing.

This will ensure that your lingerie outerwear clothing works. Since accessories are everything, you should also try body jewelry more and use harness-type accessories for your assets, as you would find in

Choose the best lingerie brand

Since your lingerie will be your main outfit and will be the main element in focus, you will need to make sure that it is of high quality and design. Make sure that you choose it from reliable manufacture, whether it is a bodysuit or a lightweight bra. Make sure that it is sexy, very easy to wear, and will comfortably go with everything.

Ideally, the lingerie that can be worn as outerwear must be so designed so that it can be worn in multiple ways. 

  • The best way to style and sport any type of lingerie is to wear it with a high waist boyfriend jean. This will go exceptionally well with the sexy bodysuits and give you street style look a new meaning. 
  • You can also use your lingerie with any denim. The course texture will create a good contrast making it look extremely beautiful.

You can even use a tomboy jacket to send the flirty and sexy vibes in a much better way. 

The final thoughts

When it comes to style and comfort, using lingerie as your outerwear seems to be the best option. This will tie both together. If you wear those wooly sweaters, by the end of the day, you will feel too itchy. The skinny jeans worm with it can be affecting your circulation after some time. 

These clothes, though a bit daring, will ensure that you do not feel the clothes, which implies that you are comfortable wearing it. Therefore, if you want to be in fashion and be comfortable this summer, try wearing a breathable bodysuit with the right pair of the skirt of jeans.

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