The Complete Guide to Choosing Wedding Day Attire: Everything to Know

If you’re about to tie the knot and embark on the happiest day of your life, you’re not alone.

Last year saw an all-time-high record number of weddings in America, with more of us hit by wedding fever than ever. You probably already know that planning a wedding amidst all of this competition is no mean feat.

After all, getting the right catering, entertainment, and venue are Herculean tasks even when there aren’t a million other brides competing for the same things. Among all of these, choosing wedding day attire can be the most stressful.

What people put on their bodies is deeply personal, and getting it right as a bride requires some serious finesse. With that in mind, check out these wedding attire ideas and tips to ensure you pull it all off without a hitch. 

Prioritize Practicality

You already know the importance of planning ahead, but this is about more than just your wedding attire budget.

Your wedding wardrobe for yourself and your party should take into account the practicalities of the day. Consider the weather and if your wedding is outdoors or on the beach.

Remember to take the venue into account, especially if you wish to wed in a more old-school venue that will likely have its own very strict dress code.

Even your wedding attire accessories will need to take into account the place, time, weather, any activities planned, and the needs of your bridal party. 

Implement a Dress Code

dress code will make your bridal party and your guests conform to a consistent look, which is incredibly important for your overall vibe and for the photos. But that’s not all.

A clear, easy-to-understand dress code will take a lot of stress away from your guests, and give them total clarity on what to wear on the day. Trust us, a dress code is a godsend to everyone involved. 

Take Your Dress Seriously (But Not Too Seriously) 

Wedding dresses for women (and wedding suits for men) are often a highly emotional and fraught topic. Of course, you want to get it right on the biggest day of your life.

You want a dress that is truly you, but that will stand the test of time and not look too dated in fifty years’ time. The trick is to take the planning seriously, but not be too hemmed in by a particular vision.

Be flexible and keep your heart open to a dress that might be the opposite of what you were envisioning, but which speaks to your soul nonetheless.

Don’t Forget the Supporting Cast

Once you have the dress and the bridesmaids sorted, it’s all too easy to forget about the supporting cast. However, now is the time to start thinking about what the other key players in your wedding will wear.

For example, mother of the groom dresses often follow strong traditions, such as typically being in navy blue. Remember to note down everyone who has a role to play in your wedding, and think about how you can help them look the part for the big day. 

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