Our Favourite Winter Coats For Boys and Girls

Kids don’t see outerwear the same way that grown-ups do. If they had their way, they probably wouldn’t wear a coat at all! Unless they are one of the Kardashian offspring where the kid’s wardrobe size rivals my whole flat! 

With any excuse to play outside- parks, beaches, gardens and just general exploring, their attention span might not hold up to lengthy shopping for a coat. But getting a sturdy one is a necessity to combat the body heat they lose in cold temperatures. Ideally picking up a universal jacket which will work for any possibility is the ultimate goal. 

However, choosing the one right coat for your child, needn’t be a mission. Stick to these six main groups and your treasure will be walking tall, and hopefully a little bit presentable.

1- Parka is warm and practical and rain and wind proof. Most come with a detachable faux fur trim and lots of pockets. Ideal for boys who want to look cool, and channel their inner Liam Gallagher (or dad) doing that very thing. Swagger optional! 

2- Puffa Jacket – the perfect jacket for colder than cold temperatures, practical for all occasions, layer over a T shirt and sweater and nothing will get through. The waterproof shell which will ensure your kid is ready for even the roughest elements, and elasticated cuffs and hood make this jacket a toasty option for the whole of winter. And when it’s not being worn, it might even have its own pack down bag, which your child can stuff it in like a sleeping bag. 

3 – Bomber – the Bad Boy of jackets, the bomber is a streamlined coat for kids that don’t like fuss. A simple grandad collar and no-frills zip make this an easy option for a short jacket that will go with anything. And can be layered under a warmer coat if required. Also comes in the Varsity jacket style if you are feeling preppy.

4- Denim jacket – you can’t go wrong with a denim jacket; unisex, versatile and hardwearing. It is no wonder denim jackets have stood the test of time! Now available in a range of colours, from white to pink to washout and traditional blue. Find something appliqued or embellished and your kid can make a statement.

5 – Macs are a wardrobe essential for springtime in the UK. Designed for kids to go out foraging, exploring and generally getting mucky, they are available in bright patterns, metallics or prints. Whatever style tickles your cherub, the big pockets will hold lots of found treasures from adventures, and the hood means they can stay out all day and play in the rain.

6 -Faux fur. Little girls like things that feel nice, so the faux fur jacket is something they might not want to take off. Great for parties and photo opportunities, not so good for bad weather. But hey, fashion has standards right?

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