London Fashion Week 2015 Highlights

London Fashion Week 2015round up

Friday the 18th of September paved way to fashion’s finest as they flocked from all around the world to experience the wonder that is London Fashion Week.

From the weird to the wonderful, a whole plethora of eye-catching outfits, shoes and makeup headed to Soho to see just what the world of design had to offer and in a new home too. Brewer Street car park replaced the traditional beauty of Somerset House in an eclectic and somewhat surprising turn of events. 
When speaking of the move, Munira Mirza, Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture, said: “Brewer Street Car Park as the host venue is a brilliant development for London Fashion Week. With its position in Soho, it is at the heart of an area that has long been associated with fashion and creativity in general. I am sure the move will literally drive even more interest in one of the most important sectors for our economy.”


And London Fashion Week is now a pivotal focal point to so much more than the UK, the heightened interest in the UK’s quirky styling attracting a plethora of prestigious designers from abroad. For example, Versace moved the catwalk show for Versus (it’s more edgy diffusion line) to London and Louis Vuitton staged his exhibition, (entitled Series 3 and about the creative process behind a fashion collection) in Strand.

Here are some of the highlights of my London Fashion Week 2015:

J JS Lee

opening up the new Brewer Street venue with the very first show on Friday morning was J JS Lee. The Korean-born designer’s collection was inspired by street art, birdcages and 70s youth culture, featuring wonderfully light colours, trousers suits and Bianca Jagger flares. This show whet our palettes for the look of practicality mingled with a dash of spice that set to be LFW’s first trend for the season.

London Fashion Week 2015round up

The newest beauty trend is 3D bronzing, seen on the catwalk of J JS Lee the secret to achieving this look is to layer moisturizing oil, cream highlighters, a micro shimmer bronzing powder and a dewy-finish cream blush to get a super beautiful hyper glow that is almost reflective (but doesn’t look OTT glittery).

Anya Hindmarch

Anya took the catwalk to a whole new level, with her tessellated and sometimes psychedelic pieces a real treat to the eye. The super-reflective kaleidoscope catwalk was furnished by gymnasts and turned it from a show, to a show.

Anya Hindmarch London Fashion Week 2015round up

Christopher Kane
In an innovative twist on the bog-standard DIY cable tie, Christopher Kane used them as necklaces and hairbands on his catwalk models. Whether he was thinking of the commodification women or signifying fashion as a protective armour, the reason is unclear, but it was quirky and it was cool. And I liked it.

London Fashion Week 2015round up


The DAKSDAKS show took place in Lindley Hall- a beautifully whimsical location ideal to reflect the eponymous collection. DAKS SS16 offers a step back in time to the art deco era, with rich prints and feminine graphic elements- the collection was striking elegant, beautiful, and a definitive favourite.

London Fashion Week 2015round up


Erdem delivered a collection that was not only shiveringly beautiful, but utterly engaging from start to end. Taking place at the King’s Cross Theatre, railway track section were embedded in the stage and the show opened in half dark behind black guaze curtains as a wagon loaded with girls in Edwardian-style dress rolled in. Inspired by Prairie madness, it was thrilling, exciting and a true highlight of the week.

London Fashion Week 2015round up

One thing is for sure, each Fashion Season throws the unexpected, leaving us waiting and wondering just what the next season will bring.

Natasha Colyer

Natasha is the editor in chief of online fashion and lifestyle magazine Seen in the City. She has contributed to a number of publications including Vogue, The Huffington Post, XYZ magazine and My Chic City. As well as writing, she likes to conduct and photograph Fashion and lifestyle shoots, attend fashion shows, and find new coffee shops to explore. You can follow Natasha on Twitter here