How Apparel Can Boost Your Mood During the Winter Blues

Holiday stressors and winter depressors can cause havoc when it comes to your mood, but there are some simple things that can stir your mood in a much better way. From the concept of looking good and feeling good because of it, to the simple but significant smile that comes from seeing brightcolorful and silly socks for women on your feet that make you feel silly and maybe even do a little slide into the kitchen — the clothes we cover ourselves in can easily and undoubtedly make us smile, and the season can make this even more fun!

Why Does Winter Feel So Unfun, Though?

Your winter blues likely stem from a lack of sunlight and vitamin d, and the shorter days and longer nights of winter can amplify this sluggish mood. Along with sleepiness, winter brings with it one of the biggest holidays of the year for most and, in turn, a jam-packed winter social schedule, endless opportunities to indulge in fattening holiday foods and exceptional holiday expenses.

As a result, you may be more susceptible to succumbing to sleepiness, stress, sadness, a lack interest in your usual activities and a lot of holiday comfort foods — which would be okay, if not for your probable lack of energy to exercise after indulging. Luckily, your apparel of all things can actually help to motivate you in all of these areas and keep your mood boosted!

Pic by Polina Kholodova

Use Your Apparel to Get You Up and Out of the House 

During the colder months it can be hard to uncurl from your warm bed or couch. And while this is okay (if not downright deserved) sometimes and feels great, it’s also an easy way to encourage lethargy and weight gain that will only serve to amplify your winter blues or depression and, in turn, work its way into a bad cycle. So get up and get dressed — even if you have no activities in mind! Not only will getting dressed and doing your normal primping and priming make you feel good all on, but it’s likely to make you feel good enough to want to go out and about, which will give you a further sense of accomplishment!

Wear Apparel That Makes You Feel Comfy Cozy 

Winter makes us want multiple layers of soft, heavy fabrics — and so does a long cold day at work. Nothing feels better during the colder months than getting off work and going home to change into soft dry warm pajamas. On the other hand, nothing feels worse than getting out of your warm bed in the morning for work and taking them off only to replace them with cold work clothes — so consider the impact that this is having on your daily mood, and do your best to correct it! Being cold all day long will affect your performance, your health and your wellbeing, so find your version of “professional pajamas” through clothing that will suit your needs for winter work while still providing maximum comfort.

Make an Impact with Your Old Apparel  

Something that occurs naturally when the seasons change tends to be the ritualistic closet-clean-out to make room for new trends. Especially when wintertime rolls around, we seem to need the room for new bulky sweaters and coats on our racks. Once your closet is complete, though, it may be time to consider someone else’s. Instead of packing your old sweaters and “out of season” or “out of style” clothing (says you, but maybe not someone else!) up to get them out of the way, why not give them a new home with someone who’s going to love them NOW? While donating your clothing to local thrift shops, charitable organizations or homeless shelters is always recommended, wintertime in particular is a time of exceptional need so you can feel extra good about getting this done!

Pic by Karolina Grabowska

Go Shopping for a New and Appealing Piece of Apparel

Shopping for something new (and of course, getting it!) is always accompanied by a certain happiness that you’ve found something you’re excited to own and use. And while you don’t want to be splurging on yourself and breaking the bank all winter long, it IS important to treat yourself well and encourage your own wellbeing — especially when you’re feeling the winter blues. So feel good about getting out of the house and good about getting a scarf if it makes you feel special or about getting a pair of colorful socks for menas a gift if they REMIND you of someone special! 

Amplify Your Apparel

Though there is a somewhat unwritten rule that gloomy winter weather is worked with in our wardrobe by utilizing a gloomy winter color palette, this doesn’t have to be the case! Certain color palettes exist in fashion for a reason and working with the natural world around us is a great idea — but we could look instead to the rich greens of the winter forests, the sparkly whites of fresh snows or the bright reds and deep plums of berries for palette inspiration. Color and dynamic hues are stimulating to the eye and brain, and adjusting your winter apparel accordingly is sure to boost your mood along with having a positive effect on the people around you!

Let Your Apparel Show Your Holiday Spirit at Celebrations

Even if you’re not feeling all that festive for your holiday celebrations, letting your outfit show the holiday spirit for you is still recommended! Even if it’s just some sparkle or a couple pops of red throughout your outfit will show everyone there that you are a part of this celebration and approachable. If you are a happy and fun person but are having a hard time outwardly expressing that, cute Christmas accessories like reindeer antlers, Christmas socks, Christmas sweaters and seasonal patterns will all help the people around you see it!

Pic by Marina Abrosimova

See the Beauty of the Season Through Your Apparel

While the bitter cold winds and snow of winter may have you feeling bitter cold yourself, embracing the season itself should warm you up. Consider shopping for some cute winter accessories or clothing with winter themed designs — it’s possible that after shopping for dainty and darling diamond snowflake earrings that you might come away thinking of the snowflakes falling around you a little differently! Along with this, knowing that this is your only time of the year to wear these designs and your fluffiest, softest and coziest pieces should be at least somewhat exciting!