Fashion: Rich Forever

When Rappers or musicians (just to clarify some Rappers are also musicians) dip into the fashion industry the results can be varied. Just compare the likes of Snoop Dogg, Rhianna or Victoria Beckham. Often it’s just the next step in their path to world domination (or at least serious wealth).

Someone who, if you go by his name doesn’t need the cash is Rich the Kid, over in the States especially he’s an established rapper and songwriter who since his early years has been associated with several successful record labels.

Now he’s created his own small fashion line called Rich Forever selling T-shirts and hoodies and guess what? They are quite cool. The designs are vibrant and fun and distinctly non-gangstery. I love them.

Have posted a few of my favourtie designs here, you can also have a look at his website. Prices range from: £25-£51