Fashion: House of Florrie

Seeking to couple beautiful design with intricate hand-finished detailing, these pretty timepieces from the shabby-chic of House of Florrie are complemented by a colour palette of soft and delicate tones inspired by yesteryear.

Taking their point of reference from the understated beauty and subtle hand finished detailing of the classic pocket watch, the collection also includes the Eleanor style which comes with the option of interchangeable straps, meaning you can create a myriad of looks dependent on the occasion.


When speaking of the collection, Florrie said “In a world where everything is commercially produced, I sought to bring back the feel of bespoke British craftsmanship to the wristwatch. I often browse vintage markets to take inspiration from elements of different timepieces.”

Florrie speaks of how she is particularly drawn to the small imperfections of hand soldering and sandblasting finishing, liking how it gives a sense of character and individuality.


At the moment there are 18 timepieces in the collection- Eleanor, Pearl Slim Strap, Pearl Expander and Violet.

Eleanor marries together cute kitsch floral designs and vintage patterns with rose gold buckles, each pattern hand drawn and TLC evident in each piece.

The Violet printed collection portrays pretty flowers and birds in neutral tones and the Violet stripe collection is a compilation of athletic-style striped straps in shades of lavender and dusty pink. 

The Pearl Expander collection is eye-catching, with large watch faces and delicate metallic links making up the strap, while the Pearl Slim Strap collection the same bold faces can be seen, this time with pale pastel leather straps.


Available online from £75.00 additional straps from £30. Visit for more info.

Natasha Colyer

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