Fashion: Bamigo Underwear

Ok, I’m going to say it now and get it over with. Bamboo underwear? Surely that’s a bit rough? Well Bamigo are a sustainable men’s fashion brand from the Netherlands and they have just launched their range of pants, t-shirts, socks and pyjamas over here in the UK.

Comfortably Numb

And guess what? Not only is the underwear really soft and comfortable (I’ve been road testing some this week)but it also helps to keep you in cool in hot weather. It’s all down to the microscopic holes in bamboo fibres. They absorb up to 70% moisture more moisture than cotton. This also lets your skin breathe. Not only that but the thermal regulating effect of bamboo keeps you warm in the winter. It’s the underwear equivalent of a thermal flask.

BAMIGO underwwear

Ray of Light

Besides the comfort factor there are a few other cool things going for it too. For starters it is hypoallergenic, which means it won’t trigger any allergic reactions and interestingly Bamboo Clothing provides natural UV protection and it can filter up to 97.5% of harmful UV rays. Making it perfect for hot days with prolonged exposure to sunlight

Green & Serene

The clothing is hand-made and silky soft and I really like the brands forward thinking regarding sustainability. Bamboo needs only water and sunlight to grow and is therefore meaning it has a positive impact on global environmental concerns such as deforestation and the greenhouse effect

BAMIGO underwwear

The only thing I’m surprised about is why I’ve not heard about it as a clothing material before.

For more info visit @bamigo_official on Instagram or visit their website