Start the New Year as you mean to go on at the Skin Lounge

Christmas has come and gone, and it’s more than likely your skin has been exposed to cold weather, late nights, dehydrating alcohol and lots of chocolate over the last month. So, why not start January as you mean to go on, and give back a little.  There’s nothing that your skin will appreciate more, than some TLC to kick start your regime for the new year. 

The best way to replenish dry skin is by nourishing it, and the Alumier Glow Facial Peel  at Skin Lounge in Richmond is the perfect treat. Along with a body scrub, eyelash tint and lift, I am set up for tackling January, with fresh, shiny skin, luscious lashes and exfoliated limbs.

A facial peel is the ideal head start to get your skin back to normal and unmask the goodness that’s buried deep beneath- as well as targeting skin concerns such as ageing, pigmentation and acne. So, whether you’ve been adorned in Christmas glitter, a thick layer of foundation or you have bypassed your nightly cleanse, January is a great time to get back to basics. 

Essentially the Alumier Glow Peel will remove the top layer of skin and encourage the growth of new cells; the nourishing vitamins and acids work to shrink pores, correct fine lines and wrinkles, remove excess grease and trapped bacteria, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and improve hyperpigmentation, which results in a radiant glow. 

Don’t neglect your body either; even if it is all wrapped up in woolly tights, and layers for the foreseeable. Treat yourself to a Full Body Scrub and Massage which is the ultimate in relaxed pampering. Body skin is often overlooked in the winter, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need looking after. A luxurious body scrub will exfoliate away built up impurities. Relax for an hour, as your therapist gently sloughs away dead cells, to expose new, fresh and healthy skin which is toned and ready for anything! This was finished off by a heavenly massage, which is a great time to mentally recharge and prepare you for whatever the long cold January has in store. 

To finish off my New Year, New Me, I opted for a LVL Lash Lift treatment which consisted of an eyelash tint and lift, and is ideal for straight, stubborn lashes like mine. You get the semi-permanent lift and curl of extensions while keeping your natural lashes damage-free. My lashes have always been pretty boring; short, straight, and don’t really like mascara. All the eyelash curlers in the world just make them break, so I was open to trying anything to assist in my quest for Bambi lashes! 


Finding out that my eyelashes were in effect going to be permed (as in the eighties) I did flinch at the thought of the lotion going in my eye; but I was reassured that this was pretty impossible, as a silicone shield gets stuck on the skin using a gentle adhesive, which is similar to the glue used to apply false lashes, so it was pretty safe. This was followed by a setting solution to create the curl, and completed with a nourishing lotion to moisture and condition. Although having my eyes glued shut felt a little odd, the final results are insanely good, and I will certainly keep this treatment up. 

A perfect end to a complete pampering session, this was the icing on the cake. And never mind the January Blues, I am ready to face the year with glowing skin, a buff body and long lashes. Pow!  

Skin Lounge
40 Friars Stile Road, Richmond, Surrey TW10 6NQ

Sara Darling

Sara Darling is a freelance travel, fashion and lifestyle writer. In a previous life she was a fashion luvvie, but quit to follow her gypsy soul! When she is not clutching her passport, microphone or glass of fizz, she can be found avec snorkel in exotic oceans, scouring international flea markets for covetable jewellery, watching indie films or checking out photography exhibitions and wishing she could take a better picture. Follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram on @wordsbydarling and @1stclassdarling