Everything You Need to Know About Dobbs Hats

The iconic Dobbs Hats originated in 1908 at 242 Fifth Avenue, New York. Since then, it has been known in the hat industry due to its unique styles and quality. They are known to be made meticulously as you will see the attention to every detail of their hats, which is one of the reasons why they still exist to this day. 

Dobbs Hats will definitely give you a classy look if you wear it, especially its famous felt and straw hats. Today, Dobbs Hats still continues to be an icon for men’s headwear in the USA.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Dobbs Hat:

When are Dobbs Hats perfect to wear?

If you think that you can only wear a Dobbs Hat during a particular season, then you are wrong! Dobbs Hats are made of high-quality materials that are suitable for both winter and summer season. Dobbs Hats made from the Italian and Ecuadorian weaves are perfect for the summer. 

On the other hand, Dobbs Fedora hats are perfect for the winter as these are made in wool and fur that will surely protect your head from the cold. There are many different styles of Dobbs Hats that you can wear regardless of the weather.

What are the styles available for Dobbs hats?

There are various hat styles Dobbs Hats offer, but they are known for their classic hat styles:


Their fedora hats are often made of fur/ wool blend material that is soft and malleable but doesn’t get fooled as it still maintains its shape. This is perfect for the cold weather as it will keep your head warm. It was made from Fur/wool felt blend with soft hand finish and comfort cloth sweatband for fit. To add more style, it often goes with full satin lining and leather sweatband to show off its limited run style.

If you want to rock a Fedora hat during the spring and summer, you should try the one made from Milan Straw as it is lightweight. This will surely protect your head from the heat.


An understated piece of headwear that is perfect if you want a touch of elegance with your outfit while being very comfortable because of its lightweight material. Its snap brim can be even worn upwards or downwards with its luxury interior leather comfort sweatband.


Homburg hats are also known to be ‘Godfather’. Its origin is simple; it came from the movie ‘The Godfather’ where the lead actor Al Pacino played the character Michael Corleone who always wears it.

This is a classy headwear to pair with your outfit wherever you go as it easily pairs with everything.

Dobbs Caps

If you’re in the mood to wear caps, then there are styles that Dobbs offers, such as Ivy, Pub cap, and Newsboystyles.

Dobbs Hats were a trend in fashion during the 1960s. However, you can still wear these high-quality headwears today. There are still a lot of styles for you to choose from whose style fits our modern fashion.