ETO Jeans

From a young child I have always had a fascination with fashion. From the weird, wonderful and wacky trends which simply take your breath away to its expressive qualities there is something about it which has always struck a chord.

Now whilst the exuberant styles are great for adding a bit of dash and daring to a day, sometimes it’s just as nice to be able to relax in a good old white tee and jeans combo. Yet when it comes to buying that pair of jeans, it can sometimes be a bit of a minefield. When looking for good-quality denim without the designer price-tag it can be a bit of a struggle. And this is why I want to introduce you to ETO Jeans.

ETO Jeans

I myself discovered this brand a couple of months ago through an internet search whilst looking for a gift for my boyfriend and decided to give them a try. And it turned out to be a good decision.
 These are jeans which are flattering, comfortable and affordable without looking or feeling as such.

Since its conception nearly a decade ago, ETO thrive on providing cutting edge styles without the steep prices so often associated with this. Initial designs were inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s Spanish architectual styles, drawing on this by keeping the heritage of denim but adding a unique twist.
As well as offering a range of jeans, the store also sells a plethora of tee shirts, polos, shirts and accessories (although I am yet to try these, if they’re anything like their jeans I have no qualms on quality.)

Whether looking for layers, a one-off wacky style statement or a staple piece of clothing to see you through the months ETO truly has it all.
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