Body freeze for Bingo Wings @ The New York Laser Clinic, London

There are times in a woman’s life when she is tempted to ask for professional cosmetic help. This is one of those times! I am a fit and active forty-something year old woman. I go to the gym, and eat a pretty good diet (apart from occasional canape and champagne binges). I love yoga and swimming, but I can’t seem to shift my bulgy arms!!!! 

Years of travelling and too much fast food must have made their mark on this one particular weak part of my physique, which is stubborn, and to be quite frank- bloody annoying! So I went to the Pros at the NewYork Laser Clinic in Marylebone for some advice. 

Liposuction wasn’t an option – too expensive, and I didn’t want to go under the knife, and I actually I just wanted to contour my natural shape rather than create something new. So a much less intimidating option was recommended, where I could just sit up and read while my fat was simply frozen off in a sixty-minute session. 

The groundbreaking CLATUU treatment targets specific areas and freezes the fat cells to eliminate them, resulting in a new silhouette, that doesn’t look too obviously done. The non-invasive fat reduction technique stems from the science of cryolipolysis (also known as Fat Freezing), uses cold temperatures to target and destroy fat cells- which sounded ideal for my upper arms. 

Fat cells cannot survive in extreme temperatures, and with a targeted blitz of the vacuum pads, I was hoping for some anti-jiggle on my upper arms, as my fat cells were dissolved. 

Using the unique combination of electro and cryo-therapy, fat cells are killed in a natural way, and dissolve over several months, without affecting other body cells. 

However, I was informed that although I may want immediate results, I would actually see progress in 4-12 weeks, as the body flushes out the dead fat cells as part of the natural cell regeneration cycle. 

Although the sensation is not painful- gel is applied to localised area which is blitzed with a suction applicator; Expect to get a tingle as the area freezes. The destroyed fat cells are then naturally released from the body through metabolic processes over a period of 6 to 12 weeks. Bingo! But no more bingo wings! 

Coupled with exercise, which I was already doing, and a healthy diet, this hour of slight uncomfortableness has given me hope that I can reclaim my arms!!! It is also ideal for people with fat bulges on muffin top, belly, love handles, back bulges, bra flaps, and annoying fat on thighs and flanks.

Visit the New York Laser Clinic to see how they can help you.

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Please note: Sara was given a complimentary treatment, but all thoughts are her own.