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Billy Ruffian was actually the nickname of the British warship (HMS Bellerophon) that first sailed in 1786 and had a long and prestigious life playing major roles in many a Maritime manoeuvre across the world including both the Battle of the Nile and The Battle of Trafalgar. When Napolean finally surrendered to the English he was brought from France over to Plymouth in the ‘Billy Ruffian’ and was held on the boat for 2 weeks before being exiled to St Helena.

Now in 2019 Billy Ruffian is also the name of a footwear brand combing high craftsmanship with elegant, classic designs. It’s a refreshing change when a brand chooses ‘Ambassadors’ for their products, not on the amount of Twitter or Instagram followers they have, but on the way the chose to live their life, supporting communities and instigating positive changes to others (see below).

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Walk Well

Now being a happy owner of a pair of Billy Ruffian Richmond Boots I can testify that the high quality of the leather upper on the shoes together with real Italian leather soles give their shoes a major step up from many other brands.

Whether you love loafers, cherish chukka’s, go crazy for Chelsea’s or obsess over Oxfords, Billy Ruffian shoes are built to sail the seven seas and back. Oh, and because they really want you to love wearing their shoes, you also get a free pair of (cool) socks with your order. One for each foot!

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