5 Of The Biggest Hair Colour Trends For 2018

Through the years I’ve been lucky to know some of the top London hairdressers and one of the things I’ve learned from them is that it’s always a good idea to take the advice of a trusted salon professional BEFORE getting your hair coloured.

What looks great on Karlie Kloss might not suit you quite as much and the wrong colour or colours can be just as bad as a wrong hair cut, sometimes much worse. Seeking out someone with experience who isn’t afraid to tell you the truth is worth its weight in gold.

However with that said it looks set to be an inspiring year for hot new colour styles and with one finger firmly planted on the pulsating beat of salon fashion we’ve put together a guide of what promises to be 5 of the biggest hair colour trends of 2018.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Rainbow Roots

Remember when everyone looked like an advert for Skittles? Well the trend for Rainbow hair has evolved this year and what’s going to be hot instead is a toned down version, we’re calling ’Rainbow Roots’. Instead of a full head of technicolour, just stop at your roots. Its a high maintenance look, but if you have the time and confidence you’ll be turning heads whatever the weather. (below left)


Inspired by a child’s pure, undamaged, fine and sun enriched hair, Babylights were just starting to get popular as 2017 drew to a close. Watch out, this year the style is set to get even bigger and it’s a great way to add a subtle change to your look without going to crazy or gung ho. (below right)


Are you looking for a complete transformation? A million miles away from Babylights, another look that’s certain to be hot in 2018 is Metallical. Try ‘Bold Purple’ or ‘Silver Platinum’, these fab colours will give your hair a sense of cool drama and an almost otherworldly feel. Not for the faint-hearted these shades are suitable only if you’re ready to be the centre of attention at social events and parties.


It’s not brown and it’s not blonde, Bronde is a perfect combination of both that works well on virtually anyone, especially if you have a lighter complexion. For that just off the beach sun tinted look, if Bronde is done properly it can look completely natural andvery sexy indeed.

50 Shades of Grey

Salt and pepper hair isn’t particularly a new trend, but in 2018 we’re going to see a natural streamlining and evolution of the style. Great new colours coming onto the market allow for even more dramatic shades of grey than even the book could dream up!

So there you have it, new colour styles for your hair 2018. I hope one or more of these will inspire you to do something fantastic with your look in 2018. Whatever you decide, the important thing is to just have fun and enjoy!

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