Winter Wardrobe Trouble? Easy Ways To Pull Off Your Style This Season

Your winter wardrobe needs a little refining right now; you want to look your best even when the weather is colder than ever and the wind is raging outside, and that takes a bit of practice. Most of all, you’re going to need the right fashionable pieces to rely on, and that’s what this post is here to help out with. Make sure you keep the ideas below in mind when trying to organise your closet for the upcoming festive season, as there’s a lot of work to be done right now!

Layer Up!

Your winter wardrobe needs to consist of clothes that are easy to layer. You need to build up each outfit you’re going to wear out this season, and that means taking time to stock up on some ‘basics’: 

You’re going to want a thin yet long sleeved shirt for the very bottom layer, then you’ll want your main shirt to go on top (usually made out of a thick material like wool), and then comes the light jacket, and then the coat is popped on top. And you can mix and match as much as you want here, as long as this order is kept to in the long run. 

After all, if you dress like this each and every time, you’ll barely feel the cold on you when you head out, and you’ll also be able to peel back a layer just in case things get a bit too warm – everybody cranks the heating up this time of year! 

Keep Your Coats Long

Long coats are made for the winter time! The longer the coat, the more appropriate it is for cold weather, and the better you’ll both look and feel when you’re wearing it. And a good winter coat goes appreciated for a long time – you can buy a big price tag here, as long as you feel comfortable in the coat, and you won’t have to replace it for years and years to come. 

Forget the ¾ length coats, and forget the parkas that only end above the knee – go for something longer, and more sleek, a bit like a trench coat but with more substance to it. Make sure it’s soft and downy, and can be worn for a variety of different winter occasions. Most people like to buy in either dark black or soft brown and/or beige colours when shopping for this kind of coat; both polo coats and shawl coats work very well here. 

Keep Bling to a Minimum

Accessories in the winter time usually amount to wearing a heat, scarf, and pair of gloves, and really, that’s what you should mainly focus on for this season. You should try to keep any other accessories to a minimum, simply due to just how washed out they can make you look against the background winter colours. A silver bracelet doesn’t tend to add much to a dark and bleak winter day, and a gold necklace is very hard to see underneath all those layers anyway! 

So, if you are going to add a bit of bling to your outfit, you’ll need to go all out here. You’ll want to invest in some more ‘statement’ pieces to really seal the deal. Something like Larsson & Jennings watches are a good call, thanks to just how luxurious a watch can be, and a good pair of drop earrings are always nice underneath the wisps of hair you’ve styled to come out from underneath your hat. Keep this combination in mind for any outdoor events you’ve got coming up. 

Wear More Wool Than Cotton

Wool is essential for the winter season. It’s thicker than cotton, made to keep the hot air in, and yet it’s still hefty enough to hold up against any potential sweat patches you might get when trussed up in your winter outfit. Don’t worry, it happens to us all – that kind of insulation can get to be too much! 

Make sure your summer cotton is pushed far to the back of your wardrobe right now; you’ve got a lot of room to make for new woolen jumpers and/or leggings, and you’re definitely going to need to make room for thicker pairs of socks. 

You never know when you’ll accidentally step in some wet mud, and it’s hard to dodge puddles this time of year, so you’ll want some heavy duty pairs on hand. And even if you don’t want to invest too heavily in wool, as it’s usually a more scratchy material in your mind, you can think about buying some cashmere jumpers instead. Hey, some people even say that cashmere is warmer than wool, so you might even save yourself some money here! 

Invest in Shoe Grips

Finally, your winter wardrobe will definitely benefit from some more grip for your shoes. It’s going to get extremely slippery out there, and without some proper treads on your soles, you’re going to go sliding all over the place, and that just isn’t fashionable! So maybe it’s time to look into some proper walking boots for this cold season? You’ll be able to find these in abundance at any outdoors shop near you. 

And whether you want to buy a pair of proper winter boots or not, which you can then swap out for normal shoes when you get to work or a friend’s party, you can still invest in some sole grips to stick onto your old pairs. Or if you can’t find any anti-slip grips, there are also a number of other little ways to help your shoes feel more grippy when you’re walking in cold and wet conditions. 

If your winter wardrobe is shaping up to be less than successful, make sure you keep the points above in mind for the season ahead. The winter weather can do a lot of damage to what we wear and even how we wear it, and that just won’t do for either your style or your budget! 

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