Which Careers Will Mean you have to Travel Frequently?

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy travelling to new and exciting destinations.

Often though this is when we’re on vacation, but just imagine having the thrill of this being a part of your job? Well, this needn’t just be a fantasy as there are plenty of careers that could offer you such opportunities and what follows below are a few examples.

Flight Attendant

It might sound obvious, but as a flight attendant you can end up jetting all over the world. At first you may be doing shorter domestic flights to train, but eventually with bigger, international or private airlines you could be heading far and wide, all in a day’s work.


If you work in recruitment you could diversify exactly what it is you’re hired to recruit for towards something which demands international or even national travel. One of the added bonuses of such a role is the more you travel, the more links and connections you can make with people in different nations, which could act as a springboard to even more travel.


If you’re a skilled photographer you could find yourself work on a freelance basis shooting for travel companies, or simply for people who require international shots of different locations. It should be pointed out that this can be quite a competitive niche though and you need to be pretty darn good at what you do to secure the big jobs. That being said, everyone has to start somewhere and like recruiting, the more connections you make the better your chances are.


Once again, no prizes for working out that this one, but being a pilot is a sure-fire way to globe trot. It does take a lot of training and ability to master this role it must be said, but when you’re fully qualified you can quickly find yourself in a variety of different countries every day.


Consultancy is something that takes a lot of experience, but if you’re someone who has worked in management or a number of sectors and you switched to this role, you could be sent all over the world to offer different businesses your knowledge and wisdom.

So, if you can’t shake the travel bug and have concerns your future career might get in the way of your desires then why not consider some of the above? Equally, if you currently have a role that could switch or progress to something like this, then get putting the steps in place now to make your travel-based profession a reality.